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Measles Multimedia


Suspect Measles and Act Fast video.

CDC Commentary: Suspect Measles and Act Fast

A record number of measles cases is being reported, but these infections are often misdiagnosed because clinicians aren’t familiar with the signs and symptoms.
Running Time: 5:34 minutes
Date Released: 7/28/2014

Measles Clinical Features video

Measles Clinical Features

CDC's Dr. Raymond Strikas, MD, describes clinical features of measles infection. Includes images of children with measles infection.
Running Time: 3:15 minutes
Date Released: 6/9/2014

CDC Commentary: Measles: What You Might Not Know

CDC Commentary: Measles: What You Might Not Know

Recognizing, diagnosing, and preventing measles.
Running Time: 5:20 minutes
Date Released: 4/25/2011


Also available on YouTube

Running Time: 16:37 minutes
Date Released: 4/17/2013

TEDMED at CDC: Measles—Making a Disease Disappear

Melinda Wharton, MD, MPH, took the stage at CDC's second TEDMED@CDC Live Conference, April 17, 2013, to explain how scientists, public health officials, healthcare providers, and individual families made the decisions and took the actions that led to measles disappearing from the United States.

TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment and Design." TEDMED is where the world's most creative minds meet healthcare's most innovative science to stimulate inspiration, innovation and imagination.

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Measles fact sheet

Measles and the Vaccine (Shot) to Prevent It

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Matte Articles

Matte or drop-in articles are ready for you to customize, send directly to media outlet, or use in newsletters or other publications.


Web Feature

Suspect Measles and Act Fast video

Measles: Make Sure Your Child Is Fully Immunized

In English and Spanish

Measles is a highly contagious disease. It can be serious for young children. Protect your child by making sure he or she is up to date on vaccinations, including before traveling abroad.



You can listen to these audio files on your computer now, or download them and listen to them later.


Dangerous Imports (August 2008)
Listen to the podcast   Listen to this podcast: Long version (3:43) or Short version (0:59)
This podcast discusses vaccination, the safest, most effective method to prevent measles.


Measles Can Travel (February 2008)
Listen to the podcast   Listen to this podcast: Long version (4:01) or Short version (0:59)
This podcast discusses a travel-related measles outbreak and steps that can be take to prevent future outbreaks.



El sarampión puede viajar (Measles Can Travel) (November 2008)
Listen to the podcast   Listen to this podcast (1:21)
En Estados Unidos, el sarampión no constituye una preocupación de salud de primer orden, porque la mayoría de las personas han sido vacunadas contra la enfermedad. Sin embargo, todavía se registran brotes de esta enfermedad infantil. En agosto del 2007 se diagnosticó sarampión a siete personas después de un evento deportivo internacional para niños celebrado en Estados Unidos. Practicamente todos los brotes de sarampión en Estados Unidos se originan en personas que contraen la enfermedad en otro país y la contagian a otras. Este fue el caso del brote más reciente. Este podcast habla de este brote y de los pasos que pueden tomarse para evitar brotes futuros.



Measles: It Isn’t Just a Little Rash

Infographic depicts measles symptoms, including the serious health problems the disease can cause, but parents have the power to protect their children with MMR vaccine. Available in English and Spanish.


International Travel and Measles Infographic

This infographic reminds people to make sure they are vaccinated for measles before international travel. Available in English and Spanish.



Measles importation infographic: Map of the world with arrows from Asia, Africa, and Europe pointing to the US. When measles happens anywhere in the world, it can travel to the US and spread. Make sure you and your family members are up to date on your measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, including before traveling abroad. Ask your doctor if everyone has received all recommended doses of MMR for best protection against measles. Get vaccinated; prevent and stop measles outbreaks.

Importation Infographic

This infographic shows how easily measles spreads and that vaccination is the key to stopping measles outbreaks.


Protect Your Child from Measles

Protect Your Child from Measles

This infographic highlights CDC’s routine measles vaccine recommendations for children, including special vaccine recommendations for children traveling abroad. Share these health messages on your web page. Copy and paste the code to embed the graphic and a link to more prevention information.

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