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Listen to podcasts to learn how to protect your eyes through healthy contact lens wear and care.

someone holding a contact lens on fingertip

Clean Contact Lenses
Series Name: HHS HealthBeat
Running Time: 1:00
Release Date: 12/9/14

Summary: Improper contact lens care can increase the chances of getting a serious eye infection. CDC’s Sarah Collier explains healthy habits that can help contact lens wearers avoid these infections.

a contact lens storage case

Keep Contacts Clean
Series Name: A Cup of Health with CDC
Running Time: 3:50
Release Date: 11/20/14

Summary: Contact lenses can be a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional eye glasses, but without proper care, they can cause severe eye problems. In this podcast, CDC epidemiologist Sarah Collier discusses the importance of proper maintenance of contact lenses.

inserting a contact lens

Keep Contacts Clean
Series Name: A Minute of Health with CDC
Running Time: 0:59
Release Date: 11/20/14

Summary: Keratitis is a serious, sometimes blinding, eye infection often associated with poor contact lens hygiene. This podcast discusses healthy ways to care for your contact lenses.

contact lens on fingertip

Healthy Contacts
Series Name: HHS HealthBeat
Running Time: 1:00
Release Date: 2/27/2014

Summary: Contact lenses can help people see better, but using them incorrectly or not taking good care of them can lead to painful—and potentially blinding—infections.

a contact lens on a fingertip

Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care
Series Name: CDC Featured Podcasts
Running Time: 1:55
Release Date: 2/4/2014

Summary: CDC’s Dr. Jennifer Cope explains some basic steps for proper wear and care of soft contact lenses.