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What is the CDC Training and Continuing Education Online system?

The CDC Training and Continuing Education Online system is a comprehensive distance-learning delivery system that provides users with educational activities and continuing education credits.

For whom is the CDC Training and Continuing Education Online system intended?

The CDC Training and Continuing Education Online system is for the national and international public health workforce.

How do learners use the system?

Learners can go to Training and Continuing Education Online to search the catalog for enduring (self-study) courses or search the calendar for upcoming live courses, conferences, satellite broadcasts, and live webcasts. After learners have identified an educational activity, the Training and Continuing Education Online system can support them through all stages of a distance-learning activity, such as registration, evaluation, continuing education credit, and record keeping.

What are the benefits for learners?

Training and Continuing Education Online provides learners with a single point of contact for your educational activity, enabling them to perform all of the following:

  • find information about educational activities, including activity descriptions, target audiences, prerequisites, materials or texts needed, purchase or download information, and the type and amount of continuing education credit offered
  • register for continuing education credits
  • link to the source of the educational activity
  • search a list of downlink viewing sites, offsite locations for viewing a satellite broadcast, and register to attend at a specific site
  • evaluate the activity
  • complete the posttest
  • receive continuing education credits
  • print a continuing education certificate upon completion of the activity, and reprint a continuing education certificate at any time
  • maintain a permanent transcript of all educational activities completed online
  • search by a particular timeframe for continuing education credits earned

What are the benefits for sponsors and planners of educational activities?

Training and Continuing Education Online will provide sponsors and planners with the following benefits:

  • exposure and access to educational activities among public health professionals
  • a single website that provides pertinent information learners need to know about the educational activity and how to access it
  • electronic registration processes
  • electronic evaluation processes
  • electronic posttests
  • complete data on the number and type of continuing education credits awarded for the educational activity
  • website and participant data for live activities
  • evaluation and posttest data

Who do I contact for more information about Training and Continuing Education Online?

Contact Learning Support at 800-41-TRAIN.

Were do I find the Intake Form?

Request this form from your CE Consultant.




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