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CDC's continuing education (CE) accreditation activities support the agency’s role of developing leaders and training the health workforce to protect the nation’s health. CDC provides accreditation services for CDC programs, and to their partners. A CDC partner is defined as a public health or health care organization or institution, such as a college or university, a nonprofit organization, a state health department, or a federal agency that is supported by, or works with, CDC through a CDC grant, cooperative agreement, interagency agreement, or contract.

CDC provides technical assistance to developers of CE activities to ensure that activities meet the educational design and accreditation standards of seven accrediting organizations.

CDC's CE activities are designed to increase health professionals’ knowledge and competence and, ultimately, to improve the public's health. CE is supported by evidence-based research and follows a quality improvement approach to problem-solving and critical thinking. CDC's educational activities are developed by analyzing gaps in learner knowledge, competence, and performance or outcomes based on needs.


To advocate, promote, and oversee the delivery of CE activities for health professionals and those who work as part of interdisciplinary teams that prepare for emerging threats to the public’s health.


  • To improve workforce knowledge, competence, and attitudes that strengthen U.S. and global public health practice
  • To achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes and patient safety
  • To promote lifelong learning


  • To provide CE educational products, materials, and activities that are designed according to educational best practices
  • To provide technical assistance and training for developers of educational activities
  • To provide educational opportunities that meet accreditation standards and guidelines