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Documents for Continuing Education (CE) Proposal

This page lists most of the CE documents that you will need. There are three sections in the proposal packet. You must complete the documents and attachments for each section.

Most of the documents are included in 1A. Proposal for Continuing Education Credit. You will need to add documents 1B and 1C and required attachments to complete the proposal. For assistance in completing the proposal, see the instructions or contact your CE consultant.

Required Documents

Most of the documents you require are included in the proposal packet.

CE Proposal Packet is currently under revision. Please contact your CE coordinator for details.

How are the documents organized?

The CE Documents are organized into four sections.

Section 1: Program Information

  • 1A. Proposal for Continuing Education Credit (included in proposal packet)
  • 1B. Educational Planning Tool
  • 1C. Budget Document

Section 2: Disclosure

  • 2A. Planner Checklist
  • 2B. Presenter or Content Expert Checklist
  • 2C. Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships with Commercial Interests (Disclosure Document)
  • 2D. Biographical Document (Bio Document)
  • 2E. Disclosure Statement Worksheet (included in proposal packet)
  • 2F. Written Agreement and Acknowledgment of Outside Funding and Support (WAAOFS)

Section 3: Pilot Testing (Enduring materials only)

If you are developing enduring materials (book, video, on-line training, etc.) you must conduct a pilot test. The documents needed follow as 3A and 3B:

  • 3A. Pilot Test Summary Document
  • 3B. Pilot Test Feedback Document

Section 4: Post Activity Report (not included in proposal packet)

  • 4A. Post Activity Summary (included in proposal packet)

Section 5: Intake Form

  • Training and Continuing Education Online
  • Educational Activity Intake Form (included in proposal packet)



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