Syphilis Elimination Effort (SEE) Toolkit

people shaking handsThe Syphilis Elimination Effort (SEE) Community Mobilization Toolkit is a set of communications tools designed to help public health practitioners mobilize community alliances to eliminate syphilis.

Implications for STD Program Operations:

Syphilis Elimination Effort (SEE) Community Mobilization Toolkit is designed to give state and local health departments the tools to reach out and build coalitions and alliances needed to mobilize specific target audiences. Target-specific materials in the kit will increase local awareness, visibility and salience of the syphilis elimination program. It will support efforts to change or modify knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions about syphilis and the syphilis elimination effort; will educate political leaders, health care providers and community leaders, encouraging community involvement and support for the program.

This kit will provide guidance and the necessary tools for involving, mobilizing and sustaining community efforts not only for syphilis, but for a variety of public health issues.

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Who is SEE Community Mobilization Toolkit for?

This SEE Tool Kit is for public health practitioners responsible for planning, managing, and developing community coalitions to increase the awareness of and garner support for their syphilis elimination or prevention effort.

What is in the SEE Community Mobilization Toolkit?

  • A guide that provides advice and instructions on how to mobilize a community
  • Camera-ready print ads
  • Brochures, posters, banners, educational materials specifically developed for health care providers, leaders of the community-based and faith-based organizations, and for elected officials
  • Sexual-History-Taking Guide
  • Syphilis – A Physicians Pocket Guide
  • Form Letters (Partners, Policy Makers, Op-ed, etc.)
  • Radio PSAs
  • Resource guides (e.g. list of community-based organizations, radio stations, policy maker contact info for all HMAs)
  • Tip sheets (e.g. for working with the press, key messages talking points, communicating in a crisis, etc.)
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