Public Health Information Systems (PHIS)

Public Health information systems (PHIS) are used by public health agencies (PHA) to collect, manage, store, and transmit STD data. CDC is leveraging HIS to better understand the impact of STDs in the United States and improve disease surveillance reporting.

In the United States, there are seven main information systems currently used by states, territories, and project areas. All the systems are web-based.

PHIS Used by Each State, Territory, and Project Area

Public Health Information Systems Currently Available for Adoption by States, Territories, and Project Areas

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System Developer Capability Contact
Clinisys WorldCare Clinisys Group Communicable and chronic disease surveillance, Case management, Contact management, Outbreak management, Workflow, Electronic report management (ELR, eICR, and EHR), and Reporting Samir Ahmetovic, Director of Enterprise Systems, Clinisys
PRISM HDS Health Design Solutions (HDS), LLC Web-based Disease Surveillance, Case Management, ELR, Reporting, Workflow, Outbreak management, Special Project tracking (SET-Net, SSuN, Enhanced GC, etc.) Mary White, Product Manager
PRISM-Based* State customized versions of PRISM HDS Web-based Disease Surveillance, Case Management, ELR, Reporting, Workflow, Outbreak management Mary White, Product Manager
Maven Conduent Public Health Solutions Web-based disease surveillance, outbreak management across all communicable diseases (including TB, STDs, HIV, GCDs, VPDs, Cancer, Lead Poisoning, Chronic Diseases) Piper Landgrebe, Senior Manager, Client Management
NEDSS Base System (NBS) CDC/CSELS Web-based Disease Surveillance, Case Management, ELR, Reporting, Workflow Decision Support Michael Wodajo (
Marion Anandappa (
EpiTrax Collaborative Software Initiative Surveillance, Case Management, Contact Management, Outbreak Management, disease-specific questionnaire development, ELR, AVR, support for all communicable diseases Scott Christofferson, Product Manager

The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) also maintains information regarding which electronic surveillance systems are currently being used by its members.

*PRISM-based systems are PRISM HDS databases that have been customized (by the states), reside at the state level, and are maintained by the states. All updates after the systems have been customized are handled by the states, and not Health Design Solutions, LLC

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