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Judy’s Rx Awareness Video Transcript

Rx Awareness Video Transcript

  • Candidate: Judy
  • Length: 30 seconds

On-screen text: Prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous.

Judy: My son Steve did not want to die. He wanted to get well. He tried really hard to get well, but his prescription opioids killed him.

Audio description: Judy looks at a picture of her son running a race.

Judy: We found a post-it note that he had written about his opioids.

Audio description: Judy and her husband look at their son’s note.

Judy: “At first it was a lifeline. Now it is a noose around my neck.” You’re never expected that you’re going to lose a child. It’s all out of order.

On-screen text: It only takes a little to lose a lot.

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