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Stevi Rae’s Rx Awareness Video Transcript

Rx Awareness TV Video Transcript

  • Candidate: Stevi Rae
  • Length: 30 seconds

On-screen text: Prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous.

Audio description: Stevi Rae looks at old family photos.

Stevi Rae: I would almost do anything to get myself prescription opioids.

Audio description: Stevi Rae stands in front of snow-covered mountains.

Stevi Rae: I’m from Naknek, Alaska. I remember the day that everything changed for me in treatment.

Audio description: Stevi Rae hikes through the snow-capped mountains.

Stevi Rae: To be able to heal with your own people…I think it was the best day of my life.

Audio description: Stevi Rae stands on a snowy hill, lifts the hood of her coat over her head, and looks out at the horizon and a snow-capped mountain in the distance.

Stevi Rae: There is hope. Just don’t give up.

Narrator: Visit or contact your local health provider.

On-screen text: There is hope. Recovery is possible.

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