2019 Food Service Guidelines Local Action Institute

Each day, millions of Americans purchase or are served foods and beverages in community settings, including worksites, universities, and parks and recreation centers. The Food Service Guidelines Local Action Institute brought together diverse teams to develop a plan that makes healthier food service and procurement practices a reality. Learn more about the positive impact these communities are making below.

Erie County, New York, increases healthier food options for visitors of county parks and recreation programs.

Team: Erie County Public Health Department and Erie County Parks and Recreation Department

  • 180,000 visitors to Erie County parks annually.
  • 3 park concession stands and 10 food trucks.
  • 1 revised vendor contract including healthier park food requirements.
  • 50% of all foods and beverages sold on county park property to meet nutrition standards by 2025.

Multnomah County, Oregon, adopts healthier procurement practices and nutrition standards in juvenile detention centers, while supporting local farmers.

Team: Multnomah County Health Department, County Juvenile Detention Center, and MudBone Grown Farms

  • 730 detained youth served per year.
  • 195 meals (average per day) prepared for detained youth.
  • 25% increase in fruits and vegetables sourced from a local, black-owned farm.
  • 15 detained youth gaining hands-on agribusiness and urban-farming job skills at the local farm.

University of Pittsburgh improves on-campus food service to prioritize student health, the environment, and local economy

Team: University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Health Department, and Pittsburgh Food Policy Council

  • 30,000 meals (average per day) sold to university students, faculty, and staff.
  • 25% annual increase in healthy, plant-based menu options in on-campus dining facilities and food retail outlets.
  • 25% reduction in food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.
  • Community Food Action Plan identifies opportunities to increase healthier procurement practices and support the regional food system and economy.
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