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The NIOSH Small Business Assistance Program works with partners in industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, and academia. While the definition of small business is a work in progress, most consider them to typically have fewer than fifty employees. The program focuses on these areas:

  • Conducting research to better prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths in small businesses.
  • Increasing awareness and use of effective interventions for small businesses.
Featured Items

Small Business Resource Guide

This guide provides plans, tools, tips, and information from across the web on how to keep your workers safe and well while managing time and cost investments.

Special Issue on the “Understanding Small Enterprises” (USE) Conference 2017External

A two and a half day international conference built upon three previously successful iterations. This conference brought together researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders from 16 countries to share best practices and emerging strategies for improving OS&H in SMEs.

Understanding Small Enterprises: Proceedings from the 2017 Conference

The papers included follow the various topic areas of the conference sessions, from eco-industrial park projects in Thailand to childcare centers in the United States. They address themes such as industry-specific interventions, stakeholder involvement, and barriers to safe and healthy practices in small businesses.

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