About Us

Our Role

To identify and address the public health impacts of marijuana use and improve our knowledge about the health effects of marijuana use.

Our Goals

  • Increase the capacity of CDC and state and local jurisdictions to monitor use patterns and the public health effects of marijuana use through existing surveillance systems.
  • Increase the capacity to identify, monitor, and evaluate effective public health and regulatory practices and policies to prevent marijuana-related harms.
  • Support state and local efforts to create and disseminate evidence-based information describing the health effects of marijuana.

Our Work

CDC works to support states as they address marijuana use and public health outcomes in their states. CDC does this by monitoring trends, sharing expert information, and translating science for the public.

Understanding trends

  • CDC is monitoring trends in marijuana use and how it may impact the health of Americans.

Sharing expert information

  • CDC, along with 14 other sponsors, supported the development of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS)External report to provide a summary of the best available science on marijuana use and its impact on health.
  • CDC is working with the CDC Foundation to translate the findings of the NAS report for states to help them better provide information to share with communities, community partners, and healthcare providers.

Translating science

  • CDC promotes the development and adoption of individual and community level evidence based interventions, targeted at preventing marijuana-related harms, especially among vulnerable populations such as youth and pregnant women.
    • CDC is working with states, unions, and industry partners to address occupational health and safety hazards and protect workers in the legalized marijuana growing, processing, and retail industry.
  • At the state, tribal, and local levels, CDC works to bridge the gap between the public’s understanding of marijuana and science’s understanding of marijuana.
    • CDC facilitates the CDC Multi-State Marijuana and Public Health Learning Collaborative, which brings together leaders from state public health agencies in states with legalized recreational/retail marijuana with the goal of collecting lessons learned, synchronizing and sharing resources, and identifying best practices to protect the public’s health.