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New Science Clips 2.0

Science Clips 2.0 will launch April 24, 2023.

CDC Science Clips is transitioning to a new format.  Currently Science Clips 2.0 consists of CDC authored publications published from 2018 – 2023.  Publications published prior to 2018 are in the process of being curated and uploaded over the coming weeks.

Below you will find a quick comparison between Science Clips version 1.0 and 2.0.  In addition to the quick comparison there are detailed information about Science Clips 2.0 listed as well accessible features menu located here.

Current Version of CDC Science Clips

  1.   Science Clips are archived with a Volume and Issue number much like a general printed digest.
  2.   Science Clips has a multiple page interface, separate pages for search features, browsing features, primary issue etc.
  3.   The Altmetric attention score is available only when viewing by individual issue.
  4.   Browing by issue and volume/year are available.
  5.   There is no export function available throughout Science Clips.

NewUpdated Version of CDC Science Clips

  1.   Science Clips is now Record based.
  2.   Science Clips now has a one-page interface, all features are accessible from the home page.
  3.   The Altmetric attention score is available perpetually.
  4.   Searching functions are available from the initial page.
  5.   Enhanced export options are available.
  6.   Science Clips dataset can be downloaded for advanced analysis in other software packages.


  1. The persistent search bar is always available for complete search of any meta data of the articles including title, abstract, keywords, journal and authors, etc.

Record Layout

  1. The title of the publication serves as a hyperlink to the PubMed instance of the record.
  2. CDC affiliated authors are shown in bold text.
  3. Publications listed in the most recent update are tagged as “New
  4. The Altmetric attention score is present via API integration, also serving as a link to the Altmetric details page for each publication.

Abstract Display

  1. The full abstract for each record can be displayed by clicking the “Abstract” text or the “+”.

Filtering your search

  1. Perform a search or click the total number of publications in the data set to access the three filtering options
  2. You can filter by year, category or journal

Browse Editions

  1. Click the “All Archived Editions” in the “About” section
    1. Also in the about section are complete downloads of the current edition of Science Clips as well as entire Science Clips database for insertion to your favorite citation manager.
  2.  Here you can access Science Clips similar to previous versions Browsing issues feature.  Each week of Science Clips is archived listed with the date it was published in Science Clips.

Content Index

  1. The Content Index consists of the various categories each publication of this current edition of Science Clips belongs to.  By clicking the appropriate category you will be sent to that section of publication in the current edition.

Top 5 Altmetric Score & Journals

  1. The Content Statistic section list the Top 5 publications with the highest Altmetric attention scores and the top 5 Journals with the most publications.
    1. Clicking the total number adjacent to the publication provides a downable results listing of that journal’s publications.


  1. In Science Clips 2.0 you can download any search results in excel format.
  2. After performing a search the records available in this search will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Ordered by

  1. After performing a search you will be presented with the option to sort by:
    1. Publication date: The date the publication was orginally published to its Journal.
    2. Altmetric Score: The score provided to a publication from Altmetric based on social media attention.