Search Information for Science Updates

When utilizing the COVID-19 Science Update search function there are a few nuances to keep in mind to perform the best search possible.

  • Updates are sorted Newest to Oldest by default.
  • Updates can be filtered by the Month in which they were released.
  • The search criteria consist of keywords from each update.
    • The title of each article found in the update itself.
    • The summary or key findings of each article found in the update.
  • Figures or notes pertaining to figures are NOT searchable.
  • Wildcards and Boolean searching are NOT allowed
  • Generic terms such as “cases”, “deaths”, “COVID-19”, “SARS-CoV-2”, etc. will yield an inflated number of search results due to the amount of times these terms are used. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC in your wording.
  • Using single words will yield the best search results, multiple terms are allowed but may yield fewer results due to the specificity of the phrase.
Page last reviewed: January 7, 2021
Content source: Office of the Chief Science Officer - COVID-19