Data Science and Data Modernization

CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) aims to create a world where data moves faster than disease. But transforming the core data and surveillance infrastructure across public health is not just about technology. Making progress is only possible if we have the people with the skills to use that technology, understand the data it generates, and apply it for public health action. This requires investment in all aspects of workforce development.

From training fellows and upskilling current public health professionals, to working with partners to build capacity at a more systemic level, DWD takes an active role in positioning the workforce for a data-driven future. Here are highlights of our work.

Highlights of Our Work

Fellowships and Training Programs in Data Science

  • Informatics and Data Science Workforce Development Programs prepare public health professionals with the skills to translate data into action, by providing opportunities to solve real-world data challenges.
  • A variety of learning experiences are available for professionals at any stage of their career, from recent graduates to those with experience in the field.
  • Participants work individually or as part of a team to apply skills in informatics, analytics, and modeling to address complex public health issues at the federal or local level.
  • CDC partners with national organizations to offer several of these programs, helping to build data science capacity both within CDC and among state and local health departments.

National Partnerships to Advance Data Science Leadership

Applied Research to Understand Workforce Trends

  • The Public Health Workforce Research Center is a part of the Health Workforce Research Center (HWRC) Cooperative Agreement Program, which supports and disseminates applied research to inform policy and shed light on issues and trends in the health workforce.
  • The Public Health Workforce Research Center will investigate topics such as workforce composition and needs, workforce development methods, and the role of public health occupations in delivering essential programs and services.
  • This program showcases how CDC is using cutting edge data science to forecast, support, and retain the workforce.

Grant Program to Strengthen the U.S. Public Health Infrastructure

  • This multi-component grant will help to ensure that that every U.S. community has the necessary people, services, and systems to promote and protect health.
  • Investments to modernize jurisdictions’ data infrastructure will serve to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their public health work.
  • These improvements will lead to accelerated prevention, preparedness, and response to emerging health threats, and improved outcomes for other public health areas.