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Ethylene Oxide Hemoglobin Adduct Data Tables Temporarily Withdrawn

On April 5, 2022, data tables for Ethylene Oxide Hemoglobin Adducts (NHANES variable name: ETHOX) were temporarily withdrawn from the National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals. A correctable calibrator bias was discovered in the ETHOX measurement impacting NHANES cycles 2013 – 14 and 2015 – 16. The location of tables temporarily withdrawn and their associated NHANES cycle(s) are:

Analysis of Whole Blood, Serum, and Urine Samples, NHANES 1999-2018

  • Ethylene Oxide Hemoglobin Adduct in Non-smokers (2013 – 2016)
  • Ethylene Oxide Hemoglobin Adduct in Smokers (2013 – 2016)

Corrected tables will be added when updated NHANES data files are available.

Page last reviewed: April 5, 2022