EXHALE and Social Determinants of Health

Multiple strategies in EXHALE can improve conditions in the places where people live, work, learn, play, and spend time. For example:

  • EXHALE strategies to reduce asthma triggers (e.g., home visits, environmental policies) can improve conditions in homes, schools, workplaces, and other settings. Learn more about these strategies:
  • Linkages and coordination of care across settings includes connecting people with asthma to local support services that can improve their housing conditions. Learn more about this strategy in this fact sheet:

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  • is a set of six strategies that each contribute to better asthma control;
  • can help both children and adults with asthma; and
  • can have the greatest impact when multiple strategies are used together.

Each EXHALE strategy has been proven to reduce asthma-related hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and healthcare costs.

Page last reviewed: December 1, 2020