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Restricted Data

What types of confidential variables can I access through the RDC?

  • Direct Identifiers (name, social security number, address) CANNOT be accessed through the RDC. However, the Data Linkage Products that are created using direct identifiers are available through the RDC. Before these data are available through the RDC, the direct identifiers are removed.
  • Indirect Identifiers (geography, dates, facility ID) can be accessed through the RDC. These are variables that when combined with other data could lead to identification.

Restricted NCHS Data

All of the consent, human subjects, and IRB review is done internally and then sent as a package to the Office of Management and Budget for a final review. This is all done prior to data collection. The resulting microdata is approved for secondary analyses and is no longer a human subjects concern, i.e., IRB. The only consideration is confidentiality protection and this is handled through the RDC procedures and proposal approval process.

Projects that only require data from the public use files do not need to submit an RDC proposal.

Whether the project requires public data, or both public and restricted data, it is incredibly important that researchers review all of the methodological information available about the data before beginning their research. Public Use Data and Documentation

Data Hosting: Accessing other DHHS Restricted Data through the RDC

The RDC hosts data for non-NCHS groups within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Data Hosting