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  1. Emergency legal preparedness among select U.S. local governments
    Anderson E, Hodge J.
    Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2009 ;3(Supplement 2):S176-S184.

  2. Cholesterol control beyond the clinic: New York City's trans fat restriction
    Angell SY, Silver LD, Goldstein GP, Johnson CM, Deitcher DR, Frieden TR, Bassett MT.
    Ann Intern Med. 2009 Jul 21;151(2):129-34.

  3. Seat belt use in States and territories with primary and secondary laws--United States, 2006
    Beck LF, Shults RA.
    J Safety Res. 2009 ;40(6):469-72.

  4. The effectiveness of limiting alcohol outlet density as a means of reducing excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms
    Campbell CA, Hahn RA, Elder R, Brewer R, Chattopadhyay S, Fielding J, Naimi TS, Toomey T, Lawrence B, Middleton JC, Task Force on Community Preventive S.
    Am J Prev Med. 2009 Dec;37(6):556-69.

  5. Tobacco control in the United States--recent progress and opportunities
    Cokkinides V, Bandi P, McMahon C, Jemal A, Glynn T, Ward E.
    CA Cancer J Clin. 2009 Nov-Dec;59(6):352-65.

  6. The politics of smoking in federal buildings: an executive order case study
    Cook DM, Bero LA.
    Am J Public Health. 2009 Sep;99(9):1588-95.

  7. Using the constitution to improve prisoner health
    Eber GB.
    Am J Public Health. 2009 Sep;99(9):1541-2; author reply 1542.

  8. The effectiveness of tax policy interventions for reducing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms
    Elder RW, Lawrence B, Ferguson A, Naimi TS, Brewer RD, Chattopadhyay SK, Toomey TL, Fielding JE.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 ;38(2):217-229.

  9. Long-term effects of repealing the national maximum speed limit in the United States
    Friedman LS, Hedeker D, Richter ED.
    Am J Public Health. 2009 Sep;99(9):1626-31.

  10. FDA regulation of tobacco: politics, law, and the public's health
    Gostin LO.
    JAMA. 2009 Oct 7;302(13):1459-60.

  11. Declines in acute myocardial infarction after smoke-free laws and individual risk attributable to secondhand smoke
    Lightwood JM, Glantz SA.
    Circulation. 2009 Sep 21;120(14):1373-9.

  12. Public health, the APHA, and urban renewal
    Lopez RP.
    Am J Public Health. 2009 Sep;99(9):1603-11.

  13. A legal primer for the obesity prevention movement
    Mermin SE, Graff SK.
    Am J Public Health. 2009 Oct;99(10):1799-805.

  14. Cardiovascular effect of bans on smoking in public places: a systematic review and meta-analysis. [see comment]
    Meyers DG, Neuberger JS, He J.
    J Am Coll Cardiol. 2009 Sep 29;54(14):1249-55.

  15. Rationale and evidence for menu-labeling legislation
    Roberto CA, Schwartz MB, Brownell KD.
    Am J Prev Med. 2009 Dec;37(6):546-51.

  16. Implications of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) during public health emergencies and on alternate sites of care
    Roszak A, Jensen F, Wild R, Yeskey K, Handrigan M.
    Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2009 ;3(Supplement 2):S172-S175.

  17. District of Columbia v. Heller: implications for public health policy and practice
    Teitelbaum J, Spector E.
    Public Health Rep. 2009 Sep-Oct;124(5):758-60.

  18. Smokefree policies to reduce tobacco use: a systematic review
    Hopkins DP, Razi S, Leeks KD, Priya Kalra G, Chattopadhyay SK, Soler RE.
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  19. Increasing alcoholic beverage taxes is recommended to reduce excessive alcohol consumption and related harms
    Task Force on Community Preventive Services.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Feb;38(2):230-2.

  20. Medical examination of aliens--removal of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection from definition of communicable disease of public health significance. Final rule
    Fed Regist. 2009 Nov 2;74(210):56547-62.

  21. The social distancing law project template: a method for jurisdictions to assess understanding of relevant legal authorities
    Leeb K, Chrysler D, Goodman RA.
    Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2010 Mar;4(1):74-80.

  22. Public policy to maximize tobacco cessation
    McGoldrick DE, Boonn AV.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Mar;38(3 Suppl):S327-32.

  23. Implementing a smoke-free medical campus: impact on inpatient and employee outcomes
    Gadomski AM, Stayton M, Krupa N, Jenkins P.
    J Hosp Med. 2010 Jan;5(1):51-4.

  24. Tobacco smoke exposure in nonsmoking hospitality workers before and after a state smoking ban
    Jensen JA, Schillo BA, Moilanen MM, Lindgren BR, Murphy S, Carmella S, Hecht SS, et al.
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  25. Exemptions for hookah bars in clean indoor air legislation: a public health concern
    Noonan D.
    Public Health Nurs. 2010 Jan-Feb;27(1):49-53.

  26. Policy-driven tobacco control
    Francis JA, Abramsohn EM, Park HY.
    Tob Control. 2010 Apr;19 Suppl 1:i16-20.

  27. Translating evidence into policy: lessons learned from the case of lowering the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers
    Mercer SL, Sleet DA, Elder RW, Cole KH, Shults RA, Nichols JL.
    Ann Epidemiol. 2010 Jun;20(6):412-20.

  28. Taxing soft drinks and restricting access to vending machines to curb child obesity
    Fletcher JM, Frisvold D, Tefft N.
    Health Aff (Millwood). 2010 May;29(5):1059-66.

  29. Smokeless tobacco--proposals for regulation
    Gray N, Hecht SS.
    Lancet. 2010 May 8;375(9726):1589-91.

  30. Tobacco product regulation--a public health approach
    Deyton L, Sharfstein J, Hamburg M.
    N Engl J Med. 2010 May 13;362(19):1753-6.

  31. Impact of state mandatory insurance coverage on the use of diabetes preventive care
    Li R, Zhang P, Barker L, Hartsfield D.
    BMC Health Serv Res. 2010 May 21;10(1):133.

  32. Examination of trends and evidence-based elements in state physical education legislation: a content analysis
    Eyler AA, Brownson RC, Aytur SA, Cradock AL, Doescher M, Evenson KR, Kerr J, Maddock J, Pluto DL, Steinman L, Tompkins NO, Troped P, Schmid TL.
    J Sch Health. 2010 Jul;80(7):326-332.

  33. State legislative support for parks
    Kruger J, Lankford T, Schmid T.
    Environ Health Insights. 2010 ;4:27-31.

  34. Effects of upgraded child restraint law designed to increase booster seat use in New York
    Sun K, Bauer MJ, Hardman S.
    Pediatrics. 2010 Aug 9.

  35. Defining standards and policies for promoting physical activity in afterschool programs
    Beets MW, Wallner M, Beighle A.
    J Sch Health. 2010 Aug;80(8):411-7.

  36. Clean indoor air ordinance coverage in the Appalachian region of the United States
    Ferketich AK, Liber A, Pennell M, Nealy D, Hammer J, Berman M.
    Am J Public Health. 2010 Jul;100(7):1313-8.

  37. Policy support, norms, and secondhand smoke exposure before and after implementation of a comprehensive smoke-free law in Mexico City
    Thrasher JF, Perez-Hernandez R, Swayampakala K, Arillo-Santillan E, Bottai M.
    Am J Public Health. 2010 Sep;100(9):1789-98.

  38. Requiring suspended drunk drivers to install alcohol interlocks to reinstate their licenses: effective?
    Voas RB, Tippetts SS, Fisher D, Grosz M.
    Addiction. 2010 Aug;105(8):1422-8.

  39. Economic impacts of the Pueblo smoke-free air act
    Young WF, Szychowski J, Karp S, Liu L, Diedrich RT.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Mar;38(3):340-3.

  40. Secondhand smoke exposures in indoor public places in seven Asian countries
    Lee J, Lim S, Lee K, Guo X, Kamath R, Yamato H, Abas AL, et al.
    Int J Hyg Environ Health. 2010 Sep;213(5):348-51.

  41. Smoke-free air laws and secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmoking youth
    Dove MS, Dockery DW, Connolly GN.
    Pediatrics. 2010 Jul;126(1):80-7.

  42. Regulation of smoking in public housing
    Winickoff JP, Gottlieb M, Mello MM.
    N Engl J Med. 2010 Jun 17;362(24):2319-25.

  43. The impact of a 100% smoke-free law on the health of hospitality workers from the city of Neuquen, Argentina
    Schoj V, Alderete M, Ruiz E, Hasdeu S, Linetzky B, Ferrante D.
    Tob Control. 2010 Apr;19(2):134-7.

  44. Effectiveness of policies restricting hours of alcohol sales in preventing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms
    Hahn RA, Kuzara JL, Elder R, Brewer R, Chattopadhyay S, Fielding J, Naimi TS, Toomey T, Middleton JC, Lawrence B.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Dec;39(6):590-604.

  45. Effectiveness of policies maintaining or restricting days of alcohol sales on excessive alcohol consumption and related harms
    Middleton JC, Hahn RA, Kuzara JL, Elder R, Brewer R, Chattopadhyay S, Fielding J, Naimi TS, Toomey T, Lawrence B.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Dec;39(6):575-589.

  46. Prescription drug laws, drug overdoses, and drug sales in New York and Pennsylvania
    Paulozzi LJ, Stier DD.
    J Public Health Policy. 2010 Dec;31(4):422-32.

  47. Ethical allocation of preexposure HIV prophylaxis
    Gostin LO, Kim SC.
    JAMA. 2011 Jan 12;305(2):191-2.

  48. The road to smoke-free legislation in Ireland
    Currie LM, Clancy L.
    Addiction. 2011 Jan;106(1):15-24.

  49. ACOs and the enforcement of fraud, abuse, and antitrust laws
    Leibenluft RF.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Jan 13;364(2):99-101.

  50. Pursuing health equity: zoning codes and public health
    Ransom MM, Greiner A, Kochtitzky C, Major KS.
    J Law Med Ethics. 2011 Mar;39 Suppl 1:94-7.

  51. Health in All Policies: addressing the legal and policy foundations of health impact assessment
    Rajotte BR, Ross CL, Ekechi CO, Cadet VN.
    J Law Med Ethics. 2011 Mar;39 Suppl 1:27-9.

  52. Protecting HIV information in countries scaling up HIV services: a baseline study
    Beck EJ, Mandalia S, Harling G, Santas XM, Mosure D, Delay PR.
    J Int AIDS Soc. 2011 ;14(1):6.

  53. Smokefree legislation: a review of health and economic outcomes research
    Hahn EJ.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Dec;39(6 Suppl 1):S66-76.

  54. Secondhand smoke exposure in bars and restaurants in Guatemala City: before and after smoking ban evaluation
    Barnoya J, Arvizu M, Jones MR, Hernandez JC, Breysse PN, Navas-Acien A.
    Cancer Causes Control. 2011 Jan;22(1):151-6.

  55. Effects of Italian smoking regulation on rates of hospital admission for acute coronary events: a country-wide study
    Barone-Adesi F, Gasparrini A, Vizzini L, Merletti F, Richiardi L.
    PLoS One. 2011 ;6(3):e17419.

  56. Effects of clean indoor air laws on bar and restaurant revenue in Minnesota cities
    Collins NM, Shi Q, Forster JL, Erickson DJ, Toomey TL.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Dec;39(6 Suppl 1):S10-5.

  57. Immediate and short-term consequences of secondhand smoke exposure on the respiratory system
    Flouris AD, Koutedakis Y.
    Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2011 Mar;17(2):110-5.

  58. Secondhand smoke transfer in multiunit housing
    King BA, Travers MJ, Cummings KM, Mahoney MC, Hyland AJ.
    Nicotine Tob Res. 2010 Nov;12(11):1133-41.

  59. Employment change for bars and restaurants following a statewide clean indoor air policy
    Klein EG, Forster JL, Collins NM, Erickson DJ, Toomey TL.
    Am J Prev Med. 2010 Dec;39(6 Suppl 1):S16-22.

  60. The effect of the smoke-free workplace policy in the exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, pubs, and discos in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Marin HA, Diaz-Toro E.
    P R Health Sci J. 2010 Sep;29(3):279-85.

  61. Maternal and neonatal exposure to environmental tobacco smoke targets pro-inflammatory genes in neonatal arteries
    Villablanca AC, Pinkerton KE, Rutledge JC.
    J Cardiovasc Transl Res. 2010 Dec;3(6):696-703.

  62. Tobacco-smoke exposure in children who live in multiunit housing
    Wilson KM, Klein JD, Blumkin AK, Gottlieb M, Winickoff JP.
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  63. Scientific evidence and policy change: lowering the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers to 0.08% in the USA
    Sleet DA, Mercer SL, Cole KH, Shults RA, Elder RW, Nichols JL.
    Glob Health Promot. 2011 ;18(1):23-26, 115, 150.

  64. Hospital staff perceptions of a legislative mandate for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus screening
    Wise ME, Weber SG, Schneider A, Stojcevski M, France AM, Schaefer MK, Lin MY, Kallen AJ, Cochran RL.
    Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2011 Jun;32(6):573-8.

  65. Evaluation of Alabama public school wellness policies and state school mandate implementation
    Gaines AB, Lonis-Shumate SR, Gropper SS.
    J Sch Health. 2011 May;81(5):281-287.

  66. Mandatory public reporting of hospital-acquired infection rates: a report from California
    Halpin HA, Milstein A, Shortell SM, Vanneman M, Rosenberg J.
    Health Aff (Millwood). 2011 Apr;30(4):723-9.

  67. Lessons learned from flame retardant use and regulation could enhance future control of potentially hazardous chemicals
    Brown P, Cordner A.
    Health Aff (Millwood). 2011 May;30(5):906-14.

  68. Surveillance Provinciale des Infections Nosocomiales (SPIN) program: implementation of a mandatory surveillance program for central line-associated bloodstream infections
    Fontela PS, Platt RW, Rocher I, Frenette C, Moore D, Fortin E, Buckeridge D, et al.
    Am J Infect Control. 2011 May;39(4):329-35.

  69. Water rights and water fights: preventing and resolving conflicts before they boil over
    Levy BS, Sidel VW.
    Am J Public Health. 2011 May;101(5):778-80.

  70. The population impact of smoke-free workplace and hospitality industry legislation on smoking behaviour. Findings from a national population survey
    Nagelhout GE, Willemsen MC, de Vries H.
    Addiction. 2011 Apr;106(4):816-23.

  71. Why the Toxic Substances Control Act needs an overhaul, and how to strengthen oversight of chemicals in the interim
    Vogel SA, Roberts JA.
    Health Aff (Millwood). 2011 May;30(5):898-905.

  72. The Freedom of Information Act: implications for public health policy and practice
    Berger M.
    Public Health Rep. 2011 May-Jun;126(3):428-32.

  73. Safety, supply, and suits--litigation and the vaccine industry
    Kesselheim A.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Apr 21;364(16):1485-7.

  74. Vaccine liability in the Supreme Court: forging a social compact
    Kraemer JD, Gostin LO.
    JAMA. 2011 May 11;305(18):1900-1.

  75. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2006 human immunodeficiency virus testing recommendations and state testing laws
    Neff S, Goldschmidt R.
    JAMA. 2011 May 4;305(17):1767-8.

  76. Relationship between quality of care and negligence litigation in nursing homes
    Studdert DM, Spittal MJ, Mello MM, O'Malley AJ, Stevenson DG.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Mar 31;364(13):1243-50.

  77. Effects of dram shop liability and enhanced overservice law enforcement initiatives on excessive alcohol consumption and related harms: two community guide systematic reviews
    Rammohan V, Hahn RA, Elder R, Brewer R, Fielding J, Naimi TS, Toomey TL, Chattopadhyay SK, Zometa C.
    Am J Prev Med. 2011 Sep;41(3):334-43.

  78. Recommendations on dram shop liability and overservice law enforcement initiatives to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and related harms
    Task Force on Community Preventive Services.
    Am J Prev Med. 2011 Sep;41(3):344-6.

  79. Assisted reproduction--Canada's Supreme Court and the "global baby"
    Annas GJ.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Aug 4;365(5):459-63.

  80. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, soda, and USDA policy: who benefits?
    Brownell KD, Ludwig DS.
    JAMA. 2011 Sep 28;306(12):1370-1.

  81. Changes in retail tobacco promotions in a cohort of stores before, during, and after a tobacco product display ban
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  82. Reforming the regulations governing research with human subjects
    Emanuel EJ, Menikoff J.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Jul 25.

  83. Graduated driver licensing and fatal crashes involving 16- to 19-year-old drivers
    Masten SV, Foss RD, Marshall SW.
    JAMA. 2011 Sep 14;306(10):1098-103.

  84. Informational privacy, public health, and state laws
    O'Connor J, Matthews G.
    Am J Public Health. 2011 Oct;101(10):1845-50.

  85. Higher First Amendment hurdles for public health regulation
    Outterson K.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Aug 18;365(7):e13.

  86. Food and Drug Administration regulation of food safety
    Stewart K, Gostin LO.
    JAMA. 2011 Jul 6;306(1):88-9.

  87. Will the Food Safety Modernization Act help prevent outbreaks of foodborne illness?
    Taylor MR.
    N Engl J Med. 2011 Sep 1;365(9):e18.

  88. Informational privacy, public health, and state laws
    O'Connor J, Matthews G.
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  89. Using law to strengthen health professions: frameworks and practice
    Verani A, Shayo P, Howse G.
    Afr J Midwifery Womens Health. 2011 ;5(4):181-184.

  90. Potential moderating role of seat belt law on the relationship between seat belt use and adverse health behavior
    Strine TW, Beck L, Bolen J, Okoro C, Li C.
    Am J Health Behav. 2012 Jan;36(1):44-55.

  91. Effects of alcohol retail privatization on excessive alcohol consumption and related harms: a Community Guide systematic review
    Hahn RA, Middleton JC, Elder R, Brewer R, Fielding J, Naimi TS, Toomey TL, Chattopadhyay S, Lawrence B, Campbell CA.
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  92. A summary of public access defibrillation laws, United States, 2010
    Gilchrist S, Schieb L, Mukhtar Q, Valderrama A, Yoon P, Sasson C, McNally B, Schooley M.
    Prev Chronic Dis. 2012 Mar;9:E71.

  93. Lessons learned on the road to a smoke-free Italy
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  97. Smoke-free laws, gender, and reduction in hospitalizations for acute myocardial infarction
    Hahn EJ, Rayens MK, Burkhart PV, Moser DK.
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  103. A new resolution for global mental health
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  104. WHO plans new yaws eradication campaign
    Maurice J.
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    Williams BA, Wolf LE.
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  123. Biobanking, consent, and certificates of confidentiality: does the ANPRM muddy the water?
    Williams BA, Wolf LE.
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  124. The politics and strategy of industry self-regulation: the pharmaceutical industry's principles for ethical direct-to-consumer advertising as a deceptive blocking strategy
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