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International Institute for Vital Registration and Statistics Reports

Technical papers from the International Institute for Vital Registration and Statistics (IIVRS )—These technical papers comprise a series of historical reports published by the IIVRS. The papers provide a historical perspective on the vital statistics systems of various countries and on methods for their improvement.

Technical Assistance Reports

No. 1. A Programme for Measurement of Life and Death in Ghana [PDF - 400KB].

No. 2. Vital Statistics System of Japan [PDF - 406KB]

No. 3. System of Identity Numbers in The Swedish Population Register [PDF - 347KB]

No. 4. Vital Registration and Marriage in England and Wales [PDF - 3.72 MB]

No. 5. Civil Registration in the Republic of Argentina [PDF - 373KB]

No. 6. Coordinating Role of National Committees on Vital and Health Statistics [PDF - 238KB]

No. 7. Human Rights and Registration of Vital Events [PDF - 546KB]

No. 8. The Organization of the Civil Registration System of the United States [PDF - 410KB]

No. 9. Organization of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System in India [PDF - 460KB]

No. 10. Registration of Vital Events in Iraq [PDF - 210KB]

No. 11. Generation of Vital Statistics in Mexico [PDF - 211KB]

No.12. Age Estimation Committee in Qatar [PDF - 246KB]

No. 13. The Development of the Vital Statistics System in Egypt [PDF - 175KB]

No. 14. Vital Statistics Data Collection and Compilation System: Hong Kong [PDF - 366KB]

No. 15. Major Obstacles in Achieving Satisfactory Registration Practices and Vital Events and the Compilation of Reliable Vital Statistics [PDF - 3.34 MB]

No. 16. Methods and Problems of Civil Registration Practices and Vital Statistics Collection in Africa [PDF - 972KB]

No. 17. Status of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in El Salvador [PDF - 157KB]

No. 18. Recommendations From Regional Conferences and Seminars on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics [PDF - 1.48MB]

No. 19. Potential of Records & Statistics From Civil Registration Systems for Health Administration & Research [PDF - 585KB]

No. 20. Improving Civil Registration Systems in Developing Countries [PDF - 384KB]

No. 21. Social Indicators Derived From Vital Statistics [PDF - 784KB]

No. 22. The Operation of the Vital Statistics System of the United States of America [PDF - 379KB]

No. 23.Demographic Information From Vital Registration Offices in Mexico, 1982 [PDF - 332KB]

No. 24. General Description of Population Registration in Finland [PDF - 295KB]

No. 25. The National Importance of Civil Registration and the Urgency of Its Adaptation to a Modern Society [PDF - 735KB]

No. 26. Study of a Civil Registration System of Birth and Deaths – An Experiment in Afghanistan [PDF - 200KB]

No. 27. Actions for the Improvement of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics [PDF - 1018KB]

No. 28. Urgently Needed Reforms in Civil Registration in Asian Countries [PDF - 426KB]

No. 29. Organization and Status of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Various Countries of the World [PDF - 797KB]

No. 30.The Status of Civil Registration and The Collection of Vital Statistics Through Alternative Sources in Papua New Guinea [PDF - 609KB]

No. 31. Organization and Status of Civil Registration in Africa and Recommendations for Improvement [PDF - 462]

No. 32. Registration of Vital Events in the English-speaking Caribbean [PDF - 611KB]

No. 33.Organization and Status of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Arab Countries [PDF - 297KB]

No. 34.Recommendations From Regional Conferences and Seminars on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics: An Update [PDF - 397KB]

No. 35. Health Data Issues for Primary Health Care Delivery Systems in Developing Countries [PDF - 445KB]

No. 36.Considerations in the Organization of National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems [PDF - 257KB]

No. 37. Approaches to Data Collection on Fertility and Mortality for the Estimation of Vital Rates [PDF - 410KB]

No. 38. Publicity Plans for Registration Promotion [PDF - 183KB]

No. 39. Some Observations on Civil Registration in French Speaking Africa [PDF - 430KB]

No. 40. Automation of Vital Registration Systems in the United States: A Summary of Selected States' Activities [PDF - 390KB]

No. 41. The Development and Organization of Civil Registration in Sri Lanka [PDF - 437KB]

No. 42. Computerization of the Indexes to the Statutory Registers of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Scotland [PDF - 432KB]

No. 43. Measurement of Birth and Death Registration Completeness [PDF - 468KB]

No. 44. Reforms in the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems of Morocco [PDF - 459KB]

No. 45. The Impact of Cause-of-Death Querying [PDF - 403KB]

No. 46. Incomplete Registration of Births in Civil Systems: The Example of Ontario, Canada, 1900–1960 [PDF - 717KB]

No. 47. The Vital Registration and Statistics Systems in Libya and its Improvement [PDF - 566KB]

No. 48. Proceedings of International Statistical Institute Session on Recent Actions to Improve Civil Registration a and Vital Statistics, Cairo September 1991

No. 49. Completeness and Reliability of Birth and Death Notifications in Kuwait [PDF - 2.98 MB]

No. 50. Automation of Mortality Data Coding and Processing in the United States of America

No. 51. Approaches to the Measurement of Childhood Mortality: A Comparative Review [PDF - 545KB]

No. 52. Proceedings of the IAOS Third Independent conference Session on Civil Registration on And Vital Statistics Ankara, Turkey, September 1992

No. 53. Measurement of Adult Mortality in Less Developed Countries: A Comparative Review [PDF - 753KB]

No 54. Death Registration and Mortality Statistics in Colombia [PDF - 393KB]

No. 55. Historical Development of Cause of Death Statistics [PDF - 305KB]

No. 56. Correcting the Undercount in Maternal Morality.

No. 57. Techniques for Evaluating Completeness of Death Reporting [PDF - 2.81MB]

No. 58. Are Live and Stillbirths Comparable All Over Europe? Legal definitions and vital registration data processing [PDF - 1.05MB]

No. 59. An Evaluation of Vital Registers as Sources of Data for Infant Mortality Rates in Cameroon [PDF - 300KB],

No. 60. The Estimation of Fertility From Incomplete Birth Registration Data for Indian Towns and Cities [PDF - 595KB]

No. 61. The Evaluation of the Completeness of Death Registration in the Presence of High Net Out-Migration: The Case Example of Mauritius [PDF - 430KB]

No. 62 Comparative Analysis of Deaths Registered in the Civil Registration of Cameroon: The case of the Mayoralties of Yaounde (1986 – 1993) [PDF - 432KB]

No. 63. Organization of National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems: An Update [PDF - 732KB]

No. 64. Comparability of the Birth Certificate and 1988 Maternal and Infant Health Study [PDF - 310KB]

No. 65. The Impact of Computerization on Population Registration in Sweden [PDF - 168KB]

No. 66. The Civil Registration System in Denmark [PDF - 276KB].

No. 67. Role of Technology in the Civil Registration Process [PDF - 301KB]

No. 68. Comparability of the Death Certificate and the 1986 National Mortality Followback Study [PDF - 499KB]

No. 69. Organizational Structure for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems [PDF - 7.82 MB]

No. 70. Legal Aspects of Civil registration in the Philippines [PDF - 612KB]

No. 71. Estimating the Completeness of Under-5 Death Registration in Egypt [PDF - 542KB]

No. 72. Registration of Birth, Stillbirths and Infant Deaths in Jamaica [PDF - 506KB]



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