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Health, United States, 2014 - Getting Started

The complete report [PDF - 14 MB] with interactive links is designed to provide easy access to the wealth of data contained in Health, United States. Interactive links, highlighted in red for links to outside websites and blue for links within the pdf, enable users to easily navigate from the Table of Contents or Highlights to tables, and then to information and resources in the Appendixes. Each chartbook figure and trend table includes a link to the Adobe PDF and Excel spreadsheet version of the table. In the spreadsheet version data users can perform custom analyses, create graphs, and export results to presentation software. In addition, chartbook figures are linked to PowerPoint charts.

Hints for getting started with the complete report pdf:

Click on any entry in the Table of Contents to open that section of the report. For example, click on "List of Chartbook Figures" to open a comprehensive list of chartbook figure titles and similarly click on "List of Trend Tables" to open a list of table titles. Clicking on a chartbook figure title or trend table title opens the figure or table. Lists of figure or table titles can be keyword searched using the Adobe search function (binoculars icon on the Adobe toolbar).

Hints for navigating a pdf file:

Bookmarks in the left-hand column of the pdf identify the major headings of the report. Click on a "+" sign to open subheadings and click on a "-" sign to collapse the subheadings.

The blue triangles at the bottom of the pdf are for paging forward or backwards and going directly to the beginning or end of the pdf.

The green circle with the white arrow will return you to the previous view.

Hints for using files from the FTP server:

Some users will see an FTP log on screen:
Log on as "anonymous", leave the password blank, and click "ok"

Customize large spreadsheets by:
Hiding unnecessary rows and columns: Format/Column (or row)/Hide or unhide
Set print area: File/Print area/Set (use cursor to highlight area)
File/page setup
File/Print preview