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Featured Articles

A National Profile of Tourette Syndrome, 2011-2012
Recent data on Tourette syndrome and related conditions.
(Published: June 9, 2014)

10 Years of Tourette Syndrome Education and Research
Learn about CDC’s decade of work doing research and educating the public on Tourette Syndrome.
(Published: June 2, 2014)

Tourette Syndrome: New Treatment Option
Learn about a new treatment option and find out what CDC is doing to raise awareness and educate health and education professionals about Tourette Syndrome.
(Published: June 3, 2013)

Tourette Syndrome Awareness
Read Mike's story and find out what CDC is doing about Tourette Syndrome.
(Published: June 04, 2012)

Tourette Syndrome: Facts and Resources
Tourette Syndrome is a condition that affects the nervous system, causing people to have movements and vocalizations they cannot control.
(Published: June 6, 2011)

Scientific and Featured Articles

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A National Profile of Tourette Syndrome, 2011-2012.
Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. 2014; 35(5): 317-322.
Rebecca H. Bitsko, Joseph R. Holbrook, Susanna N. Visser, Jonathan W. Mink, Samuel H. Zinner, Reem M. Ghandour, Stephen J. Blumberg
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Utility of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children for Assessing Tourette Syndrome in Children
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. online ahead of print, May 9, 2014 doi:10.1089/cap.2013.0128.
Adam B. Lewin, Jonathan W. Mink, Rebecca H. Bitsko, Joseph R. Holbrook, E. Carla Parker-Athill, Camille Hanks, Eric A. Storch, Erika F. Augustine, Heather R. Adams, Amy E.Vierhile, Alyssa R. Thatcher, and Tanya K. Murphy.
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Tourette syndrome, parenting aggravation, and the contribution of co-occurring conditions among a nationally representative sample.
Disability and Health Journal. 2013; 6(1): 26-35.
Lara R. Robinson, Rebecca H. Bitsko, Laura A. Schieve, Susanna N. Visser.
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Health Care Needs of Children with Tourette Syndrome.
Journal of Child Neurology. 2013; 28(12): 1626-1636.
Rebecca H. Bitsko, Melissa L. Danielson, Michael King, Susanna N. Visser, Larry Scahill, Ruth Perou.
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Prevalence of Diagnosed Tourette Syndrome in Persons Aged 6--17 Years --- United States, 2007
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; June 5, 2009; 58(21); 581-585
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