4-Poster Deer Treatment Device Acceptability Survey

Two deer feeding at a 4-poster deer treatment device in the northeastern United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York State Department of Health, and Yale Emerging Infections Program are studying the use of 4-Poster Deer Treatment Devices (or 4-poster devices) to reduce ticks in areas where people live and possibly reduce tickborne diseases. A small number of households in Connecticut and New York have been randomly selected to participate. If your household was selected to participate, you should have received a postcard with information on how to take the survey.

If you received an invitation postcard and have questions, please contact your study coordinator using the below information:

Connecticut Emerging Infections Program
Yale University
Email:  TickNET@yale.edu
Phone: 203-764-7949

New York State Department of Health
Email:  TickNET@health.ny.gov
Phone: 518-473-4439