Partnerships to Advance STEM Education

Our partners are catalysts for public health. They provide us with valuable resources that help build our capacity and reach. We work with federal and private sector partners across many organizations—including government agencies, state and local health departments, professional organizations, academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, industry, and private sector businesses. When partners from all sectors come together around a common goal, we can accomplish more than when working separately.

How does CDC develop strategic partnerships to advance STEM and public health?

Partnerships are critical to raising awareness about the importance of STEM education and careers in public health. Securing and sustaining the public health workforce is an important shared investment. To keep the workforce replenished, we need students with and without STEM backgrounds to consider public health careers. Here are several ways CDC and partners can work together to inspire the next generation:

  • Spread the word about the value of public health careers.
  • Foster students’ interest in STEM fields, including public health, and engage students where disciplines converge.
  • Connect K−12 teachers to credible public health STEM training and resources.
  • Align STEM-related priorities and initiatives to amplify reach.
  • Support STEM programs and events.
What are the benefits of STEM partnerships?
  • Credibility. All of CDC’s programs and resources are vetted by our experts. You can be confident that they are credible, up-to-date, and scientifically accurate.
  • Visibility. We provide partners with exposure to new markets and audiences through our extensive partner network, social media channels, and e-mail list of more than 2 million subscribers.
  • Access. Our partners have access to our world-renowned experts and a front-row seat to the latest information and resources.
  • Innovation. We align resources with our partners to collaborate on innovative solutions and advance science.
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We work with partners in all sectors to build and sustain a strong and competent public health workforce and extend the reach of our education and workforce programs.  Here are some examples of what it looks like to partner with CDC.

Page last reviewed: July 27, 2021