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Test Your Memory

Ready to show what you know?

Pick the right answer from our list of three and see if you've got all the facts about rabies.

  1. What causes rabies?
    • a worm
    • a virus
    • a bacteria
    Rabies isn't caused by a worm or a bacteria. It's caused by a virus.
  2. Which of these animals can get rabies?
    • a frog
    • an alligator
    • a bat
    Only mammals can get rabies - and the bat is the only mammal on this list.
  3. What should you do if you are bitten by an animal?
    • put a bandage on the bite and wait to see if you start to feel bad
    • wash out the bite really well and go to the doctor
    • take your temperature every hour
    Taking your temperature or waiting to see if you feel badly are not good ideas. It can be a long time before the rabies virus makes you sick. Wash out the bite really well, and then go see your doctor. And if an adult can safely catch whatever animal bit you, take it with you so the doctors can send it to be tested to see if it has rabies.
  4. If you see an animal that is acting strangely, what should you do?
    • call your local animal control officer to catch and help the animal
    • try to catch it to see if you can help
    • just walk away
    The best thing to do is to call your local animal control officer so they can catch and help the animal. If you can get help for the animal, you might be able to save someone else from being bitten.
  5. One of these answers WON´T help keep your pet protected from rabies. Which one?
    • getting the rabies vaccine
    • making sure your pet doesn´t have a chance to be bitten by a wild animal
    • wearing a tag with their name and your address
    All cats, dogs and ferrets should be vaccinated for rabies and wear their rabies tag so others will know your pet has been vaccinated. Keeping your pet away from wild animals is important, too, so that your pet doesn’t have a chance to be exposed to rabies that way.
  6. Rabies is spread by:
    • saliva
    • blood
    • tears
    Rabies is spread through saliva, the wet stuff in your mouth. Not by blood or tears.
  7. If someone is bitten by an animal with rabies, how long before rabies develops?
    • one or two days
    • one or two weeks
    • one or two months
    It can take one, two, or even three months before there are signs that something is wrong.
  8. While you were visiting this web site, how many people died from rabies?
    • 0
    • 1
    • 10
    All these answers could be right!
    Someone somewhere in the world dies from rabies every 10 minutes so all these answers are correct depending on how many minutes you’ve spent here.

How´d you do?
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