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Rabies Prevention

How do I keep my pet from getting rabies?

Dog wearing a collar with an identification tag

The best way is to make sure your pet gets its rabies shot. Then be sure they wear their rabies tags and an identification tag with your name and telephone number on their collar.

Person walking a dog on a leash

You want to keep your dog away from wildlife so he won´t be bitten by an animal with rabies. Always walk your dog on a leash so he or she can´t run loose. Keep dogs in a fenced yard if they´re not on a leash.

Call animal control to take wild or stray animals away, especially if you see one acting strangely.

Gray cat

If an animal bites your pet, handle your pet carefully so you don´t get bitten. Take them to your veterinarian so they can get a rabies booster vaccination. That will help them fight off the disease.

Get your pets spayed or neutered. They´ll be less likely to leave home and become strays.

How do I keep me from getting rabies?

Never touch unfamiliar or wild animals.

Avoid direct contact with stray animals. Stray cats and dogs may not have been vaccinated against rabies.

Never adopt wild animals or bring them into your home.

Trash can with a secured lid

Don´t try to nurse sick wild animals back to health. It´s great that you want to rescue a sick animal, but call an animal control person or an animal rescue group so they can take care of everything safely.

Make sure your trash cans are closed up tight and don´t leave pet food out. You don´t want to be attracting wild animals near your home. The U.S. Government's Official Web PortalDepartment of Health and Human Services
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