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Hearing Loss Prevention Program

The mission of the NIOSH Hearing Loss Prevention Cross-Sector Research Program is to provide national and world leadership to reduce the prevalence of occupational hearing loss.

Featured Items

MMWR Article: Hearing Impairment Among Noise-Exposed Workers – United States, 2003-2012

Hearing loss is prevalent in the United States, especially among noise-exposed workers. This is the first known study to quantify the disability-adjusted life years attributable to hearing impairment for noise-exposed U.S. workers, and to estimate the prevalence at each level of hearing impairment by industry sector.

CDC Vital Signs: Too Loud! For Too Long!

Hearing Loss is the third most common chronic health condition in the US. Almost twice as many people report hearing loss as report diabetes or cancer.  Noise exposure away from your job can damage your hearing just as much as working in a noisy occupation.  Being around too much loud noise – like using a leaf blower or going to loud concerts– can cause permanent hearing loss.  And once it’s gone, you can’t get it back!

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