Total Inward Leakage for Respirators Other Than Filtering Facepieces and Halfmasks

June 2009
NIOSH Docket Number 168

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is working to develop appropriate standards and test procedures for respiratory protective devices (RPD) used to protect workers in hazardous environments. NIOSH has initiated a program to update portions of Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 84 (42 CFR Part 84) to promote improved performance and reliability in the area of Total Inward Leakage (for respirators other than filtering facepieces and half-masks).

The concept paper was presented at the September 17, 2009 public meeting. Comments on this concept paper were accepted through October 19, 2009. Interested persons or organizations were invited to participate in this process by submitting written views, arguments, recommendations, and scientific data. Comments were invited on any topic related to this concept paper.

Official comments provided to Docket Number 168 relating to the draft concept paper for Total Inward Leakage (for respirators other than filtering facepieces and half-masks) will be evaluated and considered in developing the next draft concept, throughout the informal rulemaking process.

Materials Under Evaluation

Notice; Notice of a Public Meeting to discuss NIOSH’s Respirator Standards Development Efforts; 74 FR 28509; 6/16/09pdf icon [PDF – 2,040 KB]

Draft NIOSH document, “Total Inward Leakage (for Respirators other than Filtering Facepieces and Half-masks)” dated 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 3,897 KB]

Meeting Information

Live Meeting Registration; NIOSH PPT Public Meeting; 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 1,039 KB]

NIOSH Public Meeting Registration; Pittsburgh, PA; 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 3,370 KB]

Presentation titled “Overview – Respirator Standards Development Public Meeting”; 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 5,884 KB]

Presentation titled “Total Inward Leakage (TIL) for Respirators other than Filtering Facepiece Respirators and Half Masks” by Szalajda (NIOSH); 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 176 KB]

Presentation titled “Concept Plan – TIL Program (for Respirators other than Filtering Facepieces and Half-Masks)” by Walbert (NIOSH); 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 1,438 KB]

Presentation titled “Respirator Models to Analyze Sensor Placement and Fit” by Butler (NIOSH); 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 10,531 KB]

Presentation titled “Ultrasound in Respirators: Concept and Initial Results” by King and Szalajda (NIOSH); 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 2,339 KB]

Panel Discussion: Total Inward Leakage Program (for Respirators other than Filtering Facepieces and Half-Masks; 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 322 KB]

Wrap-Up; “Respirator Standards Development Public Meeting” by Szalajda (NIOSH); 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 3,970 KB]

Transcript; NIOSH Personal Protective Technology Program Stakeholder Meeting; 9/17/09pdf icon [PDF – 70,687 KB]

Submissions in Order of Receipt

Submission to the docket from O’Dell (UMWA Department of Health and Safety) – 10/2/09pdf icon [PDF – 952 KB]

Submission to the docket from Colton (3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division) – 10/19/09pdf icon [PDF – 4,368 KB]

Submission to the docket from Hanson (Air Techniques International) – 10/19/09pdf icon [PDF – 839 KB]

Submission to the docket from Shipp (International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA)) – 11/16/09pdf icon [PDF – 705 KB]

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