Web-Based Central Library (Medsearch)

CDC, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Deployment Health Support Directorate, and the Department of Veterans Affairs collaborated to create a centralized Internet site, known as Medsearch. Veterans and members of the armed forces can visit the site to find information on Gulf War-related medical research developed by or for government agencies. The idea for the online medical library came from a recommendation at a CDC conference in 1999. The conference participants called for a central location where both veterans and researchers could access the latest research on illnesses among Gulf War veterans. The Internet site developers worked with veterans and researchers to ensure that Medsearch is easy to use. Many of the documents available on Medsearch are written in nontechnical language. Medsearch can be accessed at: http://www.gulflink.osd.mil/medsearch.

Note added September 15, 2010
Information previously located on Medsearch about illnesses related to the 1990-91 Gulf War has been incorporated into a new web site: DeployMed ResearchLINKExternal

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