Household Preparedness Spring 2021 Infographic

US Status of Household Preparedness: Possession of Preparedness Plans & Emergency Supply Kits | Key Findings from Fall 2020

Age, gender, education level, and region are associated with preparedness and supply kit ownership.

Less likely to have an emergency supply kit
  • Older adults (75 years and older) are LESS LIKELY to have an emergency supply kit.
  • Being female DECREASED LIKELIHOOD of having an emergency supply kit by 11%.
Less likely to have preparedness plans
  • Those in the Midwest and Northeast are HALF AS LIKELY to be prepared as those living in the South and West.
  • Those with less than high school education are also LESS LIKELY to have preparedness plans.
  • Persons living in mobile homes, RVs, boats, or vans are HALF AS LIKELY to have preparedness plans compared to those living in single family homes.
More likely to be prepared
  • Being married, having children in the home, and having a household income of $50,000 or more all INCREASE preparedness levels.


Source: SpringStyles 2021 Survey

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Page last reviewed: October 27, 2021