About the Program

The National Center for Environmental Health’s Health Studies (HS) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the response branch for the Center. HS conducts rapid epidemiologic investigations in response to outbreaks that are believed to have environmental causes and responds to natural and technologic disasters. HS also conducts extended research studies to more accurately define the relation between human health and environmental exposures. When requested, HS provides technical assistance and expertise to state or local public health agencies that evaluate the health of populations and the environment in which they live. Recommendations based on the results of HS’s work have been incorporated into public health strategies to prevent or reduce harmful environmental exposures.


It is HS’s mission to assess the extent of human exposure to emerging environmental threats and to identify adverse health effects associated with these environmental exposures.


To turn knowledge gained from applied environmental epidemiology and surveillance practices into products that guide public health decision-making

HS accomplishes this goal by:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting exposure and health data
  • Providing technical assistance for disaster preparedness and response
  • Providing scientific and administrative leadership for the Environmental Safe Water Program
  • Developing an expert workforce
Page last reviewed: January 13, 2012