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Pandemic Modeling Tools

Resources to help hospital administrators and state and local health officials prepare for the next influenza pandemic.

  • Software: CommunityFlu 2.0
    Designed to enable public health officials, policy makers, and students of infectious diseases to examine the spread of influenza pandemic through a community.
  • Software: FluAid 2.0
    Designed to help state and local public health officials plan, prepare, and practice for the next flu pandemic.
  • Software: FluSurge 2.0
    Spreadsheet-based model that provides hospital administrators and public health officials with estimates of the surge in demand for hospital-based services during the next flu pandemic.
  • FluLabSurge 1.0
    A spreadsheet-based program designed to assist laboratory directors forecast demand for specimen testing during the next influenza pandemic (i.e., the surge in demand), and develop response plans.
  • Software: FluWorkLoss 1.0
    Estimates the potential number of days lost from work due to an influenza pandemic.
  • Instructions for using FluAid and FluSurge [467 KB, 42 pages]
    Includes basic instructions for the software programs FluAid and FluSurge as well as a template of a draft report.