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Diabetes Prevention

Impact Toolkit

Help Using the Impact Toolkit

Resources Designed to Assist You with Getting Started and Using the Toolkit

Watch the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit animation – to get an overview explanation on how to use the toolkit.

Impact Toolkit Quick Start Guide [PDF – 710 KB]
This guide will help you get started using the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit—designed by CDC to project the health benefits and economic savings of providing a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program for a state’s, employer’s, or insurer’s population.
Impact Toolkit Results [PPT – 2 MB] | PDF [207 KB]
This summary PPT template will help you present your results from the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit in a graphic, easy-to-understand way.
Impact Toolkit Infographic [PPT – 875 KB] | PDF [640 KB]
PPT template will help you present your results as an infographic.

The following resources offer detailed guidance for using the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit and provide an in-depth explanation of the Impact Toolkit’s data sources and assumptions.

User Manual [PDF – 1 MB]
The User Manual provides descriptions of each module and contains step-by-step instructions for the input dashboard. In addition, it provides brief explanations for how to modify, interpret, and save the results seen in the Output Dashboard.
Technical Report [PDF – 1 MB]
The Technical Report provides detailed information on the methods, parameters, sources and calculations used in the Impact Toolkit.

The Data Input Checklists describe all the data items and input selections needed by users to fully customize Impact Toolkit results. This can be downloaded or printed as a stand-alone file. Each checklist is customized to its corresponding module.

Still have questions about the Diabetes Prevention Impact Toolkit? Email CDC.