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Using CITGO for remote access requires a computer with the Citrix Receiver software installed, a valid CDC network account and a CDC-issued Smart Card or RSA key fob. For hands-on assistance accessing or using CITGO, contact the OCIO Service Desk.

Before contacting the ServiceDesk about using CITGO on a personally-owned system, please verify that your system meets the requirements shown below and check the CITGO FAQs. FAQs provide self-help and answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning CITGO.

Accessing CITGO on non-CDC devices or personally owned equipment (POE) is supported as ‘best effort’ by the OCIO ServiceDesk.

Self-Service Reset Tool

If after you login and are unable to connect to a CITGO desktop, you can attempt to clear your own session by utilizing the Self-Service CITGO Session Reset Tool.

CITGO Getting Started Tutorial (Video)

Smart Card Access

Smart Cards are the preferred authentication method for accessing CITGO.

To obtain a portable folding Smart Card reader, contact the OCIO ServiceDesk at 404-639-6000 (Atlanta) or 1-888-647-3375 (outside Atlanta) to have one mailed to you.

For guidance on configuring Smart Card readers on an Apple Macintosh, please visit: How to Configure Smart Card Reader for your Apple Macintosh (MAC)

Using MFA Authentication - Click here.

Network Access Requirements

High-speed broadband connections, such as DSL or cable-modem work best for accessing CITGO.

If you are using a wireless network or connecting via a cellular based device, ensure you have a strong signal (4 or more ‘bars’). A weak signal will affect your CITGO session performance.

Citrix Client Software Requirement for Personally Owned Equipment

Note: CDC Government Owned Equipment has the Citrix Receiver & RTME client installed as part of the initial setup with updates managed through software pushes from OCIO.

Operating System Requirement

CITGO works best when using one of the following recommended operating systems (OS):

How to Access and Disconnect from CITGO User Guides (Word.doc)


Best Practices for using Skype for Business in CITGO

Requests for Applications in CITGO

CITGO Audio Troubleshooting

Requests for a Developer Virtual Desktop

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