Know More Hepatitis

Get tested for hepatitis C. It could save your life.

CDC recommends all adults get tested for hepatitis C


Millions of Americans have hepatitis C

An estimated 2.4 million people are living with hepatitis C in the United States. Many people don’t know they are infected.


Hepatitis C often has no symptoms

Most people with chronic hepatitis C will not have symptoms for 20 years or more. Even without symptoms, serious damage to your liver can occur.


Hepatitis C can lead to liver cancer

Hepatitis C can cause serious health problems. It is the #1 cause of liver transplants and a leading cause of liver cancer.


Hepatitis C can be cured

Treatments are available that can cure hepatitis C. Treatment can help prevent further liver damage, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

Getting tested is the only way to know if you have hepatitis C.
Talk to your doctor about getting tested. It could save your life.