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Make Travel Health Part of the Conversation

Your patients travel the globe. Increasingly, they are going to places where they may be exposed to diseases that are rare in the United States. Recent outbreaks of Zika and Ebola remind us that the next global pandemic may be just a plane ride away.

As a provider, you can play a pivotal role in assessing traveler risk and providing needed prevention measures and counseling before they travel, and in identifying potential exposures and illnesses upon their return.

When you think travel and ask about it, you can help your patients before, during, and after international travel. CDC’s Think Travel Campaign offers resources and tools to help you do this.

Before Travel

These resources will help you conduct pre-travel consultations—from assessing your patients’ travel-related risks, to recommending needed vaccines and medications, and providing behavioral counseling.

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Pre-travel Guide Cdc-pdf[PDF – 2 pages]: This guide highlights major topics for discussion to support your pre-travel consultations with patients traveling abroad.

Traveler Education: Get infographics and fact sheets to share with patients before they travel abroad.

Clinic Locator Tool: Find a clinic or provider who can offer your patients vaccines, medicines, and advice for their upcoming trip abroad.

Yellow Fever Clinic Locator: Find the nearest yellow fever vaccine clinic for your patients.

Yellow Fever Travel Information: Your one-stop shop for yellow fever information, including risk areas, travel notices, and vaccine availability.

Interactive Zika Map: Search CDC’s world map of areas with risk of Zika so you can counsel patients ahead of their planned travel.

Clinical Updates: See the latest announcements, news, and guidance from CDC’s Travelers’ Health.

Summer Travel 2018 Webinar: Earn continuing education (CE) credits while learning what diseases to look out for in different parts of the world, suggested vaccinations, and other health considerations for your patients.

Disease Directory: Access information about specific diseases that can affect international travelers.

Vaccine Quick Guide Cdc-pdf[PDF – 2 pages]: Download this two-page guide with commonly recommended travel vaccines and medications.

After Travel

These resources will help you evaluate your patients and manage their health after international travel.

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CDC Contact Information for Clinicians Cdc-pdf[PDF – 2 pages]: Know who to contact at CDC for assistance and information about infectious diseases and more.

Get information about the most common symptoms in returned travelers.

Get information on screening asymptomatic returned travelers.

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Use this clinical tool to guide you through pre-travel consultations with patients traveling abroad.

Destination Finder

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You and your patients can get recommendations based on their destination and special travel health needs.

Travel Notices

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Get the latest country-specific information on disease outbreaks, special events or gatherings, and natural disasters affecting travelers’ health.

Download Posters

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Put these posters up in your healthcare facility to help start the conversation about patient travel.

Travelers’ Health Homepage

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Check out our homepage for international travel health advice, including vaccine recommendations and requirements, behavioral precautions, and advice for specific worldwide events.

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To order free print materials for patients in English and Spanish, visit CDC-INFO on Demand.