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Lance Bass Video Transcript

Video Description: This video shows Lance Bass, NSYNC/Performer, talking to his cell phone’s camera in a house.

Lance Bass:

How's it going, everybody?

It is a Lance Bass, and how are you feeling right now? And how are you getting by?

Most of us say, "I'm fine," but are we really?

And if we're not, that's okay too. And what has helped you get through this?

For me, it's doing puzzles, my new-found love for puzzles, exercising to just feel better, and learning how to cook new things.

That has really helped me during this whole lockdown.

But there is hope, and we are all in this together.

Sharing your feelings can help.

So, let's reach out and connect to friends, family, or neighbors.

Let's keep talking.

So, visit HowRightNow dot org forward slash Talk for ideas on how to start a conversation with someone you really care about.

Share ways you are supporting each other using the hashtag #HowRightNow.

Page Last Reviewed: April 16, 2021

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