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How Right Now Gratitude Video Transcript

Visual description: This video includes multiple people from across the United States sitting at a computer in their homes during the covid-19 pandemic, talking and looking into their computer’s camera. An instrumental song plays underneath their words.

Person 1: The pandemic has been an emotional roller coaster for me.

Person 2, speaking in Spanish: The whole world was disoriented. Everyone was on standby.

Person 3, speaking in Spanish: It was quite difficult to get used to this new style of life.

A blue screen fades in with white text that reads “The pandemic has created many challenges for us all.” That text fades out and more text fades in reading “Learning how to be grateful each day can help us cope.”

Person 1: When I'm in a moment of being unhappy, I will make a conscious effort to pause and I will think of three things that I'm grateful for.

Person 4: So really thinking about...What was positive? Who did I talk to? What great interactions did I have?

Person 3, again, speaking in Spanish: It changes the way you see life. It changes the way you see other people.

Person 5: That's what allows me to get through those bad times is finding a way to be grateful for the help getting through the bad times.

Person 4: Gratitude can be and should be practiced every morning, every night, all throughout the day.

Person 2, speaking in Spanish: I am very grateful because I am healthy and I have been well.

Person 1: Thank God I have my family, I have my children, I have my wife.

Person 3, speaking in Spanish: Through all of this, I am grateful because I am still here and I am still able to enjoy life.

Person 5: There's so many things to be grateful for, so many people to be grateful for.

Person 4: Gratitude really allows us to put a microscope on things that in the past might not have meant a lot, but now really mean the world to us.

A blue screen fades in with white text that reads “Gratitude can help you find the way forward.” More text fades in that reads “Find what helps” and has the website HowRightNow dot org on it.

The screen fades into a final screen that has a light blue How Right Now logo on the left and the website on the right that reads HowRightNow dot org.

Page Last Reviewed: April 16, 2021

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