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Training Tools for Healthy Schools e-Learning Series

School Health Guidelines
to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

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Knowledge Check

As a member of the Jefferson Middle School Health Team, you continue to review the school’s programs in the areas of:

  • Health education
  • School health services
  • Family and community
  • School employee wellness
  • Professional development

Read the following statements to select the most appropriate response.

  1. Jefferson Middle School employs a part-time registered nurse to deal with minor ailments such as cuts and scrapes, but you are thinking that additionally trained staff should be available to help with a coordinated school health effort. Who else could potentially be hired and why?
  1. Physical education classes in the district’s elementary schools are taught by the classroom teachers. That is adequate because they are certified teachers in their disciplines.
  1. Jefferson Middle School does not currently have an Employee Wellness Program. The School Health Team wants to recommend the school establish a low-cost Employee Wellness Program for staff. Select all the activities that are good options.
  1. After reading the School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity, administrators at Jefferson Middle School have decided to change the school's health education program. It now addresses these points:

    • The curriculum is aligned with national standards and is based on science.
    • Health education class is required in pre-kindergarten through Grade 12.
    • Topics taught include healthy weight maintenance, physical activity, inactivity, and healthy eating.
    • Lesson plans include student role playing and goal setting for behavior change.
    • Teachers demonstrate healthy behaviors.

    The School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity supports the new health education program.

  1. The School Health Team has identified the following community partnering activities with the goal to help nurture students into becoming healthy and productive adults.

    • Invite parents and community members to be a part of the School Health Team.
    • E-mail monthly newsletters to parents and community members, letting them know of the health efforts going on at the school.
    • Work with the local community center to organize a health fair.
    • Demonstrate cultural awareness in healthy eating and physical activity throughout the school.

    All these activities will help achieve this goal.





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Training Tools for Healthy Schools