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Training Tools for Healthy Schools e-Learning Series

School Health Guidelines
to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

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Guideline 5: Health Education

Video Transcript [PDF - 78 KB]

Video Summary

  • Guideline 5: Implement health education that provides students with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experiences needed for healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Health education can increase engagement of healthy behaviors in youth and should be required for students in prekindergarten through grade 12.
  • Instruction should address healthy eating, physical activity, inactivity, and healthy weight maintenance.


What strategies support guideline 5?

Should instructional methods be interactive?


Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

National Health Education Standards


SHG Executive Summary [PDF - 5.09MB]

SHG Full Report [PDF - 973KB]

Tips for Teachers [PDF - 3.57MB]

Full Course Content [PDF - 364KB]

Training Tools for Healthy Schools