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Training Tools for Healthy Schools e-Learning Series

School Health Guidelines
to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

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Guideline 6: School Health Services

Video Transcript [PDF - 78 KB]

Video Summary

  • Guideline 6: Provide students with health, mental health, and social services to address healthy eating, physical activity, and related chronic disease prevention.
  • Schools are key providers or links to services that address physical and mental health needs and the safety of students.
  • Health services staff should assess student needs related to physical activity, nutrition, and obesity, and provide counseling and referrals to medical providers.


What strategies support guideline 6?

What is the recommended ratio of nursing staff to students?

What positons help coordinate student health care services?

Why should assessments of student needs be conducted?

How are assessments conducted?

What types of referrals can school staff make?

How can school health, mental health, and social services staff advocate creating a positive school environment?


Body Mass Index Measurement in Schools

National Association of School Nurses

School Nurse Childhood Obesity Toolkit


SHG Executive Summary [PDF - 5.09MB]

SHG Full Report [PDF - 973KB]

Tips for Teachers [PDF - 3.57MB]

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Training Tools for Healthy Schools