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Training Tools for Healthy Schools e-Learning Series

School Health Guidelines
to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

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Guideline 1: Policies and Practices

Video Transcript [PDF - 101 KB]

Video Summary

  • Guideline 1: Use a coordinated approach to develop, implement, and evaluate healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices.
  • School health councils and teams serve as advisory, decision-making, and planning groups to assess current policies and practices.
  • Healthy eating and physical activity programs should be evaluated after implementation to see if change has improved student health.


What strategies support guideline 1?

How does working together maximize opportunities for students?

Who should serve on school health councils or teams?

Are there tools to help conduct assessments?

Is a wellness policy required if the school participates in school meal programs?


Action for Healthy Kids: Tools for Schools

CDC Local School Wellness Policy

Let’s Move! Create a School Health Advisory Council

School Health Index

School Health Index Online Course

USDA Local School Wellness Policy Resources

USDA Team Nutrition: Local School Wellness Policy

WellSAT: Wellness School Assessment Tool


SHG Executive Summary [PDF - 5.09MB]

SHG Full Report [PDF - 973KB]

Tips for Teachers [PDF - 3.57MB]

Full Course Content [PDF - 364KB]

Training Tools for Healthy Schools