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Knowledge Check


You are a physical education teacher and a member of the School Health Team at Jefferson Middle School. You are interested in pitching the idea of developing a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program to the school principal, but first you need to learn more about the components.

Read the following statements to select the most appropriate response.


  1. Schools can offer physical activity breaks in a variety of settings. Indicate the activity that does not meet the standard of what is considered a physical activity break.
  1. Select the component that is not included as an essential component of physical education.
  1. Before- and after-school physical activity programs offer students an opportunity to be physically active instead of being in a _____ setting before and after school.
  1. The cost to participate in local community events creates a barrier between school- and community-based physical activity opportunities.
  1. School staff who commit to good health practices can be _____ for students and may show increased support for student participation in physical activity.
  1. What is the national recommendation for students to be physically active each day, according to guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services?
  1. An exemption from participating in physical education classes can be allowed if students substitute other activities such as playing for a school’s sports team because they are still being physically active although not in class.