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SUIDI Reporting Form

The SUIDIRF Is Important for Several Reasons:

    • Improves classification of sleep-related infant deaths by standardizing data collection.
    • Contains 25 questions that medical examiners and coroners should ask before beginning an autopsy.
    • Guides investigators through the steps involved in an investigation.
    • Allows investigators to document their findings easily and consistently.
    • Produces information that researchers can use to recognize new threats and risk factors for sudden unexpected infant death (SUID) and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The following information is collected on the SUIDIRF:

    • Investigation data.
    • Witness interview.
    • Infant’s medical history.
    • Infant’s dietary history.
    • Pregnancy history.
    • Incident scene investigation.
    • Investigation summary.
    • Investigation diagrams.
    • Summary for pathologist.

SUIDIRF Form and User Guide

Fillable SUIDI Reporting Form [PDF - 894 KB]
How to Use the SUIDI Reporting Form [PDF - 226 KB]

If you have any questions or comments about the reporting form, please e-mail us at

Using the SUIDI Additional Investigative Forms

While the additional investigative forms can be used in addition to the SUIDIRF to collect important investigative information, collecting this information before autopsy is not essential.

SUIDIRF—Electronic Version (EV)

The SUIDIRF—EV application allows readable reports to be printed directly from the database and allows users to enter data only once. Agencies and jurisdictions can use the application to report and track information. The electronic version contains the primary SUIDIRF and the 10 additional investigative forms.