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SPOTLIGHT: Emergency Preparedness

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Learning products and resources designed to help educate the public health community on all-hazards approaches to emergency preparedness and response.

Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers (PERLC) Funded to meet preparedness and response training and education needs of the U. S. public health workforce. The PERLC provide competency-based training to state, local, tribal and territorial public health authorities and provide specialized consultation and resources for partners on request. PERLC are acknowledged for their unique capacity to adapt and tailor preparedness training and exercises to meet stakeholder requirements. Learn more about PERLC. Individual centers can be found on the Emergency Management Resource Page.

Emergency Preparedness Learning Products

Basic Certificate in Public Health Preparedness

  • Delivered through 20 online modules and seminars, this interdisciplinary certificate program is a three part series
  • Offers a practical foundation in public health preparedness and response

Crisis Emergency Risk Communication

  • Designed to serve those who will perform crisis and risk communication and media relations in the event of a public health emergency

Disaster in Franklin County: A Public Health Simulation Continuing Education

  • Addresses how to communicate and manage information relevant to the identification and control of an emergency through the chain of command

Emergency Use Authorization

  • Introduces the concept of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
  • Provides basic understanding of the current policies and procedures regarding EUAs

Ethics in the Age of Terrorism Continuing Education

  • Explores the role of public health in addressing the ethical, emotional and legal dilemmas confronting those who plan for and respond to all hazards
  • Offers preparation for the moral dimensions of a terrorism event, emerging infectious disease or other disaster

GIS 3.0: Geospatial Intelligence, Social Data, and the Future of Public Health Preparedness and Response

  • Presented with leading experts in the public health field
  • Provides ways in which disease surveillance and investigation can be enhanced through geospatial technologies.

ICS in Action: Using the Incident Command System in Public Health Outbreak Investigations

  • Designed to help public health professionals integrate use of incident command into public health outbreak investigation activities

Latinos During Emergencies: Cultural Considerations Impacting Disaster Preparedness

  • Highlights the importance of engaging the Latino community in planning and response activities to help facilitate community resiliency

Improving Understanding and Collaboration Among First Responders

  • Explains the "institutional culture" of five responder groups: law enforcement, EMS, fire, public health, and private security
  • Attempts at fostering interagency collaboration among these groups

Mass Gatherings: Are You Prepared? Continuing Education

  • Provides opportunities to assess and plan for the prevention and mitigation of public health threats at mass gatherings

Mass Dispensing Sites: A Primer for Volunteers

  • Designed to provide an overview of the general operations of mass dispensing sites
  • Serves as an orientation for individuals who may be asked to work in those sites during an emergency

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Courses Continuing Education

  • Includes courses introducing the Incident Command System, NIMS, and the National Response Framework

Post-Disaster Psychological Recovery: Public Health and Beyond

  • Scenario-based training to help clergy and other responders implement the Post-Disaster Psychological Recovery (PFA) model
  • Using true-to-life situations, users navigate the process of responding to the psychological needs of flood victims

Psychological First Aid in Radiation Disasters Continuing Education

  • Uses interviews conducted with experts and video scenarios to allow participants to observe how psychological first aid techniques can be employed in a variety of settings

Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) 101 and 102

  • PHEP 101 provides an overview of the rationale for and components of the 2011-2016 PHEP program announcement, including the PHEP program framework and its capabilities-based approach
  • PHEP 102 provides a high-level overview of the structure of the PHEP capabilities, including the relationship between the capabilities and their functions, tasks, resource elements, and associated performance measures

Screening People for External Contamination: How to Use Hand-held Radiation Survey Equipment

  • Demonstrates how to screen people for external contamination using a hand held Geiger Mueller Detector
  • Designed for individuals assigned to conduct mass screening for contamination from radioactive materials following a large scale incident

Terrorism Case Studies: Baltimore City

  • Based on actual Baltimore City drills, case studies are used to illustrate various important concepts, principles and approaches concerning terrorism first response

Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health Spanish Language Training Series (Para Hable Español)

The POD Game

  • Allows staff and volunteers to select a specific role and work through simulations at Points of Dispensing (POD) sites while working efficiently and sensitively with the public to maximize the number of people processed in the shortest time

Volunteer Management for Public Health

  • Designed for public health professionals that oversee volunteers in emergency or disaster situations
  • Aspects related to planning, developing, utilizing and maintaining volunteers are discussed

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Valuable training and learning resources on the Spotlight topic, intended for the public health community.

Emergency Preparedness Social Media

Share CDC events and campaigns about emergency preparedness with your colleagues and others by utilizing one of the resources below.

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