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Contractual Considerations

Compliance with law
The exhibitor shall not engage in any display, publication, performance, or other activity that is in conflict with any federal, state, or local law, regulations, rule or ordinance, nor shall the exhibitor, or its representatives or employees, engage in any lewd display, publication, or performance. Exhibitors will not display or bring into the exhibit any animal, bird, fish, or other nonhuman creature without written permission of the ICEID Steering Committee.

Eviction and restriction
Show Management reserves the right to restrict or evict exhibits that, because of noise, method of operation, materials, or any other reason become objectionable, and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit which, in the opinion of Show Management, may detract from the general character of the exhibits as a whole.

Fire protection
Exhibitors must comply with all local fire regulations. Booth decorations must be flameproofed, and all hangings must clear the floor. Electrical wiring must conform with all federal, state, and municipal government requirements. If inspection indicates that an exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations or otherwise causes a fire hazard, ICEID reserves the right to cancel all or such part of the exhibit as may be irregular.

If an exhibitor does not follow the Rules and Regulations established by ICEID, the exhibitor shall forfeit the amount paid for space rental, regardless of whether or not the exhibit space is subsequently leased.

Injury, loss, or damage
Show Management will not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the exhibitor’s employees or property, and exhibitors shall indemnify and exempt the ICEID, its agents and contractors, and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta from all liability which may ensue from any cause whatsoever. Show Management will not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage which may be sustained by any person who may be on the premises leased or rented to the exhibitor or watching, observing, or participating in any demonstration in the exhibitor’s booth, unless such injury, loss, or damage is caused by active negligence or willful act of Show Management.

If Show Management should be held liable for any exhibitor’s action or failure to act in any matter whatsoever, the exhibitor shall reimburse Show Management for all expenses incurred and hold ICEID harmless from any resulting liability.

The exhibitor shall, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain throughout the term of the contract for exhibit space comprehensive general liability insurance against claims for bodily injury or death and property damage occurring in or upon or resulting from the premises leased. Such insurance shall include contractual liability and products liability coverage with combined and single limits of liability of not less than $1,000,000.

The exhibitor shall, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain throughout the term of this contract worker’s compensation and occupational disease insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws governing all of the exhibitor’s employees engaged in the performance of any work for the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall obtain and furnish upon request of Show Management a certificate of insurance evidencing the required insurance.

Package removal policy
For the protection of ICEID exhibitors, security guards will require a Property Pass from persons leaving the exhibit floor with equipment, cartons, luggage, etc. Materials cannot be removed from the hall during show hours. Passes may be obtained at the exhibitor registration desk during exhibitor registration hours.

Repair or damages
Nothing will be posted, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, or other property of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The cost of repairing damage inflicted by the exhibitor, its employees, representatives, or agents to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta will be billed to and paid for by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors are responsible for their equipment and property. All property of the exhibitor is understood to remain under his/her custody and control in transit to, within, and in transit from the confines of the Exhibit Hall. Security guards will patrol the aisles and perimeters of the exhibit area, but the ICEID, its agents and contractors, and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta do not guarantee or protect the exhibitor against loss of any kind. Each party agrees to be responsible for its own property through insurance or self-insurance and shall hold harmless each of the other parties for any and all damage caused by theft and those perils normally covered by fire and extended coverage policy.

Exhibit violations
As a condition for exhibiting, each exhibitor shall agree to observe all policies and regulations.

A violation of these printed guidelines may result in a loss of exhibit participation unless immediate corrective measures are taken by the exhibitor to rectify the violation. If the exhibitor is asked to correct the violation but does not concur, Show Management reserves the right to close the booth, remove it from the show floor, and prohibit the exhibitor’s personnel from entering the exhibit hall.

ICEID considers default on booth payment, either by check or credit card, a violation of the ICEID guidelines. If an exhibitor fails to honor their contractual agreement and does not pay in full or stops payment on a check or credit card, booth set up will not be permitted.

Interpretation and amendment
Show Management shall have full power to interpret or amend these rules, and its decision is final. The exhibitor agrees to abide by any rules or regulations that may hereafter be adopted by the ICEID. Show Management promises its full cooperation for a successful show and will be pleased to work with the exhibitors towards this end.

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