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Booth Activities

General booth conduct
The exhibitor may demonstrate the company’s equipment and make formal presentations regarding the product line or service in the booth. The exhibitor must confine all promotional activities to their booth. Sales calls to other exhibitors on the show floor are not permitted. The exhibit must be staffed during all open hours and packing may not begin until after the Hall has closed on Tuesday, March 26.

The ICEID Steering Committee has scheduled poster sessions in the exhibit hall to ensure constant traffic, and has scheduled the poster presenters to be at their posters to present their papers in person at designated times on all exhibit days. Therefore, any packing being done before the exhibit hall closes on Tuesday, March 26, will be seen as a violation of the exhibitor’s contract with ICEID.

Representatives and employees of exhibitors will be modestly and appropriately attired to maintain the professional and businesslike atmosphere of ICEID.

Clinical testing/demonstration of equipment
Due to the configuration of the exhibit hall, ICEID exhibitors are prohibited from conducting clinical tests and/or demonstrations of products or equipment in their booths. The distribution and consumption of medical samples is not allowed. Medication is defined as anything that has a potential therapeutic benefit. No invasive procedures are allowed.

Entering another exhibitor’s booth
Personnel should not enter another exhibitor’s booth space without obtaining permission, nor should personnel block access to another booth.

Food and beverage
The distribution of food and/or beverage must be approved in advance by ICEID. Exhibitors may not dispense food of any kind, including bottled water of any type, without written permission from ICEID and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Booth premiums
Exhibitors are permitted to distribute promotional material and other related items in their exhibit booth. All booth premiums must be approved in writing in advance by the ICEID Steering Committee. If a booth premium has not been approved by ICEID prior to the exhibit and is determined to be objectionable, ICEID has the right to refuse its distribution. Novelty gifts or souvenirs not manufactured by the exhibiting company must be submitted to the ICEID Steering Committee for review. These premiums should be items that can be used during the meeting or in the professional activities of the attendee. Please submit a sample, photograph, or written description of each item no later than January 15, 2002.

Rental of ICEID attendee preregistration and final registration lists must be approved through the ICEID Steering Committee and is available only to exhibitors. Sample copy or a sample of the actual mailing piece must be submitted to ICEID for approval.

No-smoking policy
As the exposition is considered an integral part of the convention, a no-smoking policy applies to the exhibit hall, all areas therein, and the meeting rooms. Exhibitors found in violation of this policy will risk penalties including booth closure.

Photography in exhibit hall
The taking of photographs, other than by the official photographer, is prohibited. Exhibitors interested in engaging a photographer for photos of their booth must contact show management for scheduling. Cameras will not be allowed in the exhibit hall during closed hours or during installation and dismantling periods.

Selling of products or services
Selling and order taking are permitted, provided the a) products for sale are the exhibitor’s own unaltered, marketed products; b) the products and services are directly related to the conduct of science by ICEID attendees; and c) all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the meeting. You must notify ICEID if you plan to sell merchandise and/or take orders in the exhibit hall.

Signs advertising a company-sponsored hospitality suite, booth activity, or symposia are only permitted in the Exhibitor’s booth prior to the event. On the day of the event, directional signs in the hotel are permitted on the basis of the regulations of the hotel where the event is being held.

Sound restrictions
Electrical and other mechanical apparatus must be muffled so that noise does not disturb other exhibitors. Videotapes and films may be shown provided that screens and receivers are placed in the rear of the booth to eliminate congestion in aisles and provided that the sound is held at a low level. Earphones must be supplied with tape players/recorders. Show management reserves the right to determine at what point sound and traffic constitutes interference with others and whether it must be discontinued.

Use of meeting name and Society logos
The ICEID name and logo are exclusive property. They may not be used in any way, i.e., promotional literature, giveaways, invitations, or by anyone else for any purpose without specific written approval from the ICEID Show Management. Please send all requests in writing to the ICEID Steering Committee no later than January 15, 2002.

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