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Viral Hepatitis Serology Training - Start

Schematic of hepatitis B virus
Schematic of hepatitis B virus

About this Training

The course is comprised of six animated tutorials with voiceovers and eight case studies. The tutorials and case studies combine to teach the course objectives. First, go through each animated tutorial, starting with Hepatitis A. Then, move on to the case studies starting with Case Study One.

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Part I - Animated Graph Tutorials

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D

Hepatitis C

Doctor smiling
  • Hepatitis C (Acute infection progressing to chronic infection)

    NOTE: Information presented about interpretation of a single negative NAT in the last 10 seconds of this audio is outdated. The correct updated information is written below.

    "A single negative NAT using currently available tests is considered sufficient to rule out chronic infection when screening an antibody-positive individual with no known ongoing risk of exposure. However, RNA may not be detectable in patients who are recently exposed (during the previous 6 months), therefore a repeat NAT should be done >= 6 months after recent exposure to rule out chronic infection“

Hepatitis E

Part II - Case Studies