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How to Obtain a Smart Card Reader







What you need to know

·         CDC does not require staff and contractors to purchase a Smart Card reader for personally- or company-owned computers.  However, the instructions below are provided for those who choose to do so for personal convenience.  

·         Staff and contractors can continue to access CITGO by entering UserID, password, and RSA keyfob passcode until further notice.

·         Smart Card readers used to access the CDC network must be FIPS 201 approved and cost approximately $8-12 each.

·         Depending on your computer’s operating system you may need to download required software ActivIdentity at no cost to you. (Follow Link Here).

·         Some laptops have Smart Card readers pre-installed; check your laptop before purchasing a reader.


How to purchase a Smart Card reader



The USB Smart Card readers below are approved by ActivIdentity:

·         SCM SCR 3310

·         SCM SCR3310v2

Description: Description: Product DetailsSearch for these terms on Google, E-bay, Amazon or other on-line retailers to purchase a reader (Estimated cost is less than $20, plus shipping.)


Personally-owned or Contractor-owned equipment


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Many commercial laptops have built-in “FIPS 201 approved” Smart Card Readers. Look for a card-sized slot on the front corner, often labeled “SC”.  The expense of the Smart Card Reader for personally-owned or contractor-owned equipment cannot be charged back to the Government by a contractor, a contracting company, or federal employee. 





CDC does not require staff or contractors to purchase Smart Card readers for their personally- or company-owned computers at this time.


CDC policies permit access to CITGO from personally-owned equipment (POE) and contractor-owned equipment (COE) as a convenient method to access CDC information or systems from outside the office – however, CDC is not responsible for upgrading or supporting POE / COE systems for Smart Card use nor incurring costs for readers on such equipment. 


If you choose to use a POE / COE computer to access the CDC network via your Smart Card, you may need to purchase one of the Smart Card readers listed above and you may need to install 3rd party card reader support software. (See PIV Middleware for POE Support.)


Please note that CITGO will continue to be accessible using UserID, Password and RSA keyfob passcode until further notice.