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Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal


Volume 8: No. 5, September 2011

Vigorous Physical Activity Among Tweens, VERB Summer Scorecard Program, Lexington, Kentucky, 2004-2007

Figure 1 depicts the VERB Summer Scorecard, which is designed like a monthly calendar, with the month of July represented. Several days of the month have information printed within the box. This information corresponds to community activities through which tweens can participate in physical activity (eg, “3-5 free swim, all public pools”). Two thinner boxes appear on either side of the calendar, in “bookend” form. The box on the left side of the calendar contains general information about the VERB program and depicts a group of smiling children. The box on the right side of the calendar depicts a checkerboard pattern, accompanied by text that encourages children to complete more than just the middle scorecard and to have their parents initial the checkerboard boxes every time the children do more physical activity.

Figure 1. The VERB Summer Scorecard for 2005.

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Tweens’ Physical Activity Level No. of Tweens
2004 2006 2007
No (0-1 d/wk) 825 143 289
Low (2-3 d/wk) 670 394 394
Moderate (4-5 d/wk) 662 596 480
High (6-7 d/wk) 1,005 665 848
Total 3,162 1,798 2,011

Figure 2. Tweens’ participation in vigorous physical activity, by year, Lexington, Kentucky, 2004, 2006, and 2007 (no = 0-1 d/wk, low = 2-3 d/wk, moderate = 4-5 d/wk, high = 6-7 d/wk).

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The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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